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why pn

Why PN? And why now?

Well, let me tell you a story:

The setting: My place of employment.
The main characters: me and my colleague
Other characters: two colleagues as well as about 10 small children

Colleague: “Have you gotten fat?”
Me: *silence* as my brain frantically tries to figure out if this is actually happening

After what feels like minutes go by, but in reality is approximately six milliseconds, my brain recovers.

Me: “Yes.”

My colleague then continues on to say how it looks good on me, and how I look womanly. Ok – ok – but first, can I just? Just focus on the fact that you flat-out called me fat? Doesn’t really matter what you say next. yes, yes I have gained weight. No, no I absolutely was not expecting that question. Ever.

Have. You. Gotten. Fat?

I am at least impressed by the directness in which she asked me this. No beating around the bush on this one! No sir.

So, that’s why now.

Why PN is a longer explanation, but to sum it up: I really, truly, believe in their habit based instruction system. The idea is to consistently change one thing for a period of time. Then pick a new thing, do that consistently. Et cetera. The da is that these small changes are all small steps towards the bigger goal. I’m excited to partake in and learn about this idea of creating lasting change¬†through small adjustments in habits. Seriously exciting stuff.

Stay tuned for more on my PN journey.


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