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moving day!

What fun one can have! Packing up all one’s belongings and lifting them from one place to another!

Moving Day 1

Though our mail will be forwarded, if you want to make a surprise visit to Sweden you’re just going to have to ask for our new address. Even though the older man who is moving into our old apartment seems very nice, he’s probably not as fun as us. Probably…

Moving Day 2

Things I learned from moving six months ago:

  • We have a lot of stuff
  • Babies are not a huge help in the moving process, baby K didn’t seem too interested in carrying anything
  • Large trucks are a huge help in the moving process
  • Our new place is slightly larger than the old. Which means we can buy more stuff! Evelina says we don’t need more stuff…
  • It takes exactly six months to unpack every one of your boxes. When I say your boxes, I mean my boxes…and only mine. Evelina was finished unpacking after two days.

As you can see from my last bullet point up there, I’m not the one to offer any moving advice, so I won’t. You’ll just have to ask someone else.


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that shoulder i’ve written so much about

When I looked forward to 2016 one of the three things I planned to focus on during the year was to continue to rehab my shoulder mindfully with appropriate increases in difficulty. The immediate action I was going to take was to print out my rehab schedule (up until now I’ve used a version on my phone). With previous success in mind, after I completed each session I planned to cross off the workout.

This past July Evelina and I started up my shoulder-rehab workout routine together, which was awesome. I strongly recommend having a workout buddy, it’s a huge motivator for me. Something fun we can do together. Plus, when I crossed off the workout it was like getting my own version of a gold star. Everybody likes getting a gold star, that’s just known fact.


It’s not my personal workout routine, so you only get to see a snippet – but check out that BIG OL’ X!

Instead of following only this workout/rehab routine we added some yoga and running, and not just as recovery. Every other day we did a lift and every other day we ran/did yoga. This was a great balance, especially considering we had missed the past 26 weeks of workouts.

What’s so great about all of these workouts is they can be done outside. Yoga under a tree or a run around the neighborhood, what could be better? Also, with the help of our local outdoor gym, we can even lift outside.


My shoulder is feeling good these days, and I’m excited to say that after a year and a half of recovery and rehab it’s finally feeling like my shoulder again.



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wait…did you get a hair cut?

Why yes, I did get a hair cut. I cut off 30 cm of hair this week, for those less metrically inclined that’s about a ruler, or 11.8 inches. My hair dresser, Karro, was a true champion, and helped me take the before and after pictures.

I wanted to donate my hair to be made into a wig for people with cancer or other illnesses. There’s a great place in Stockholm that accepts just such donations. Karro had never cut hair to be donated, so as previously mentioned, she was a champ and cut seven small(ish) ponytails which we later braided. I’m going to mail my hair, so we also put it all in little baggies. Which I later carried around in my purse and couldn’t stop thinking about…

I imagine you would get some strange questions if you tried to carry these onto a plane.


Before cutting my hair I mentioned wanting to do it to a few people. In this unofficial poll I got a positive response (that cutting my hair short(ish) was a good idea) about 2% of the time. Not a great number, all things considered. Clearly, I decided to go ahead with it anyway. To be honest I wast too worried about what the majority thinks of my hair, I am my own hair dictator. My main concern was that my baby wouldn’t recognize her Mommy without all that hair. Happily, my worries came to naught and baby K still knows who I am. I am very pleased with the results.

Photo 1: credit to Heather, Photo 2: credit to Karro. I like getting my hair did.



This is not a post about the television show, if that’s what you were thinking, this will be a let down.

What this post is about is that…apparently I’m an adult.

This realization came to me suddenly. A while back, when I was signing in to my Swedish course, actually. That’s right. Not when I was paying bills, or on my way to work. Or eating candy at 8 am on a Tuesday. You know, normal adult things that you don’t/can’t do as a child. It was when I was logging on to my Swedish class, because my online class was under the category of “adult education”. All of a sudden I thought to myself: yup, that’s me! As in I am an adult who is logging on to this class. As in: I am an adult. Holy crap.

I wish someone would have told me before now that I had reached adulthood. That I should get my act together. Or something meaningful and helpful like that. Speaking of…I should get my act together…


I’ve got my adult face on ^^^

Upon reconsidering, there may be a few things going on in my life that should/could have tipped me off to this earlier:

  • Moving 3,706 miles, or about 5,964 km, from the place where I grew up
  • Being gainfully employed at the same place for over four years
  • Bringing a human person into the world together with the one that I love
  • Purchasing real estate at which I currently reside, with my afore-mentioned family

I maybe should have realized this earlier…

The fact that Evelina laughed when I referred to myself as an adult last week is neither here nor there. I choose to disregard it.signature

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Have you guys seen this movie? It is epic.

It had been on my “to watch” list since it came out in 2014, we just never got around to seeing it in the theater. Then I saw that IMDb added it to the top 250 list, and there you have it, two birds – one stone! Also, seeing as the slogan for the movie was “THE END OF EARTH WILL NOT BE THE END OF US” I was pretty confident it would lift my spirits regarding the future of humanity. You know, that the only possible series of future events won’t inevitably lead to our extinction.

I ended up seeing Interstellar on an aircraft. Where I proceeded to hold onto my face for stability for the duration of the movie. My fellow passengers may or may not have thought I have anxiety. Which wouldn’t be completely untrue with regards to the emotional roller coaster I went on during the viewing.


Ladies and gentlemen, prior to take off please make sure your seat and tray table are in the upright position, that your seat belt is securely fastened and that all carry-on luggage is properly stowed. At this time, please feel free to take a firm grasp upon each side of your face and do not let go for the following 150 minutes.

Now, I’m no theoretical astrophysicist, but I’m pretty convinced everything in the movie could totally happen. Hence the need to clutch my face for two and a half hours. If you have not seen this move, please do so. It is worth your time.


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book of august: freakonomics


One of the many books on my bookshelf that I had yet to read was Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt. I remember when Evelina read this book and would read fun facts to me aloud whenever she thought I’d also get a kick out of it. This really piqued my interest and got me excited about a book I doubt I’d otherwise have read.

Though published a while ago (2005) I did find much of what is written about to be interesting and relevant. Certainly nothing incredibly cutting edge over 10 years later, but I do think it’s still worth reading especially since it’s such a quick read.

Have at it readers!


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book of august: middlesex

Don’t think I’m ahead of schedule here, this is actually my book of August from a while ago…So I’m little behind schedule, but here it is:


When I say a little behind schedule, apparently I mean three years behind schedule. *geeze* I am apparently a horrible friend. Okay, horrible might be a strong word, but I’ve definitely been slacking on my friend duties. My bad.

Let me explain. My friend Elizabeth and I (name obviously changed to protect identity) decided to do a book club. This book club consisted solely of the two of us. Meaning that we would both read the same book in a months time, and discuss it over Skype.

I did not read the book in a months time. Nor did we ever Skype about it. I mean I did finish the book just now, so we could theoretically Skype about it now…but I didn’t even tell Elizabeth that I’ve finished the book. This will be the first she is hearing of it. Alright I’ll say it. Horrible friend = me.

Let’s disregard that though and focus on the book. I don’t like to dwell.

Middlesex was on Oprah’s book list. Or recommendation list. Or some kind of list written by Oprah, you know the one:

Anyway, I think that is why Elizabeth suggested we read the book. Oprah knows her shit.

To be honest though, the book wasn’t exactly up my ally. Though you may have guessed that since it took me THREE YEARS to complete. I mean it’s not like I’ve been actively reading it for that long, there have been breaks….okay, nevermind.

It did get really good for the final third of the book. But it is really important you read the first two-thirds in order to understand the end…well the moral is, it may be a great book for you, but for me it was an exercise in discipline and determination to be a good friend.

I hope this makes up for it! … ?