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I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. Though part of me is glad that I’ve waited so long. I’ve been enrolled in Precision Nutrition for four months now, and that one blue dot has expanded into what can certainly be called a line graph. The thing is, PN has been a sort of roller coaster ride. First I’m loving everything, then I’m totally unmotivated and thinking all has gone to hell. These attitudes may be evident on my charts:

May Graphs

I am very pleased that if you connect dot one and dot 18 you do get a down arrow. That’s the right direction.

I realize now I haven’t written much about PN but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. Which is probably a good thing, being engrossed in the program will hopefully lead to positive results. The central ideas of PN is that we clients do three things, and we do these three things consistently:

  1. Lesson
  2. Habit
  3. Workout


Each two weeks we are presented with a new habit. This habit is to be focused on for the next two weeks until a new habit replaces it. Now, you can’t go disregarding all the old habits, but each two weeks your focus shifts. The lessons are available through the PN platform and are super interesting. The lessons may be my favorite part of the PN program. Finally, there’s the workout, which is somewhat self-explanatory. But to go a bit deeper we are given a schedule that focuses on weight training and interval training. The idea is that these two types of working out are the most conducive to fat loss.

I do wish that the habits didn’t come and go so quickly. It is true, some habits do seem to drag on, and I’m relieved when they’re over, but that’s not really the point. You continue with all the old habits while turning your focus to the new habit. So, right around now the habits that I didn’t like so much are giving me the most trouble. The “two pillars” of PN is to eat slowly and only to 80% full. Which I am still practicing to get better at. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve and see the results I’m aiming for!


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