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On this, Tyler’s birthday, I would like to share with you his childhood nickname. T-man was the little tyke who always had a smile on his face, and did his best to keep up with his big brother. 

It took a while, but when I got over the fact that he was not the sister I had been hoping for this little guy really grew on me.

When he was in Sweden last we were reminiscing and I mentioned how I remember him just loving candy as a child. Like actually love. When you’re little (and damn pithy) you like to say “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” T-man would have married candy, no questions asked. He wouldn’t even bother with whatever taunting tone you tried to have because he would have been so darn excited about the impending nuptials. 

From the perspective that comes with adulthood (we’re adults now, I think) Tyler says he still loves candy. Like love love. So I guess we’ll see what’s coming down the road (or aisle) in the future.

Happy birthday T-man! I hope it’s one for the books.

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This guy is 25 years old!


I can’t actually beileve it. As the big sister your little brother is always your little brother…but 25 isn’t so little. When we were in fact little, Ryan had a nickname within the family, Ry-guy. This intelligent little mischevious boy could come up with the funest tricks and adventures.

From exploring the woods in our backyard to wearing me and my friends down to finally let him into our “secret clubhouse”. Which in reality was just the inside of the house attached to the swing-set, so I’m not sure how we had the nerve to dub it secret. Ryan could talk his way into anything. I’m pretty sure to this day when he turns on the charms he still has that skill.

Though when it comes to fika I still have a way with words that leads to me getting the last cookie.

Happy birthday Ry-guy, hope it’s a great one!


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oh brother, where celebrate thou?

The third child in my family is celebrating his birth today, happy birthday little brother! It’s a big one this year, 21 years old. Good thing you’re in Europe! We don’t need to mention the fact that you have been able to drink adult beverages on this continent for at least 4 years because you’re currently in Sweden! This means we’re celebrating in style.

By style I mean going to the zoo. That’s what all 21 year olds want to do, right?

Stay tuned for awesome pictures of our day at the zoo! In the mean time enjoy this sibling selfie.



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on this, brother, the day of your birth

I’ve started a little tradition by writing a blog post on my brothers’ birthdays, and it’s that time of year again! Ryan has become another year wiser, Happy Birthday brother!

Today I want to share our most recent memory, that is to say our most recent IRL interaction.

Sidebar: (IRL = in real life)

Ryan came to visit during his spring break this year. *WOO HOO!* He got to do super fun things, like meet his niece for the very first time.

But first coffee:


Cuddle time:


Doctor’s appointment:


Games galore!


Food time (for everyone):


Even Ryan got in a hockey practice (can’t let Dad one-up you!):


I hope you have just as much fun today as you obviously had on your latest trip to Sweden.



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the birthday boy

The younger of my younger brothers has his birthday today! Happy Birthday T!

Me & T

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m getting older, but in my mind’s eye Tyler is still 6 years old with a stylish 90’s haircut to match. I can still rest my elbow on his head. You know, to relax while standing. I’m not ready to give that up. I’m considering bringing a step-stool around whenever we hang out.

Tyler, on this day, the day of your 20th birthday I bestow upon you sisterly advice. (It’s not that thing about bees.) But rather a new look on an old adage. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Unless you make two cakes. I’m not sure why no one has thought of this yet. So, brother, whenever you’re at a cross roads in life, bring two cakes.


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the birthday boy

This guy turns 23 today! Happy Birthday brother!


Not only can I not believe it is already June of 2015, but the elder of my little brothers is turning 23 whole years today. I feel like I should bestow some wisdom upon you on this special day, but all I can think of is don’t step on bees. Even bumblebees, it still hurts.

So, with that, I hope you have a fabulous bee-sting-less birthday today. Listen to your older sister, she knows.


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a yoga-cation

This past spring I headed over the Atlantic on a wedding celebration, that of my cousin Katy. (I’m sure you recall the previous post.) The destination was in Chicago, a wonderfully amazing city.

On the trip home I stopped off in the Greater Boston Area for a visit home. Of course. Can’t go crossing the vast expance of ocean and not stop by, right? It seems only polite. I spent eight days at my childhood home, and they were quite lovely.

I filled my days with shopping and yoga. It was quite the vacation. If you don’t do yoga, I would seriously recommend it. On vacation I did lots of hot yoga with my bother. In a beautifully lit room with the thermostat turned up to a million degrees we sweat our way to relaxation. If you can, though, I’d avoid doing two and a half hours of hot yoga straight. Or definitely bring a water bottle if you do.

Even more exciting than all the yoga was the wedding shower my family threw for me. It was a beautiful spring day and lots of friends and family were able to attend. Plus there were presents! Just kidding. Mostly. It really was wonderful to see so many of my friends and family all at once. Especially since I see everyone much less often now that I live an ocean away.

April Showers

Makes me think I should probably throw a party every time I come for a visit. That way I get all my socializing done at once. Good plan, no?


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Welcome to the third and final installment of movies I watched with Ryan on his latest visit. (Note to self, come up with a better name.) Anyway, the first two installments are found here and here respectively.
The last movie we watched (from the IMDB list) was Goodfellas. It was promptly followed by a debate on the merits and downfalls of all mafia movies in general, and which the best ones were, in our opinions. I’ll save you the details of that conversation. However, I will say that I really enjoyed this movie, and was fascinated to find out that it was actually a love movie in disguise. The pretty Irish-Italian boy falls in love with the nice Jewish girl. Classic. Goodfellas is even based on a true story, thus piquing my intrigue even more.
picture found here

picture found here

I took two things away from Goodfellas. First, I gotta get a guy to take care of my phone calls like Paulie. And second, never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. I think those are two solid messages.
As the credits rolled, I did however have a final question: Why can’t the mafia movies be all fun and games? Somebody always has to die. A few some bodies usually. I guess that’s just the name of the game.

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the best kebab in all of sweden

That’s right I said it. As you may recall…or probably don’t because it is a minute detail in my life, and as a rule other people are most often less concerned about minute details in other’s lives as they are about minute details in their own lives…but I’m rambling.

As you may recall, I have claimed to taste the best kebab in all of Sweden. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise. As long as you’re not bigger and stronger than me. Then you can have it your way. I’m a lot like Burger King…when you’re bigger and stronger than me. Now I’m rambling again.
Kebab Huset, translated to The Kebab House serves the best kebab in all of Sweden. I have had it in rolls, on plates with fries and on pizza. It is just the most bestest kebab. That’s the way it is. My recommendation to you is to make your way to Sweden at your earliest convenience to eat this lovely Middle Eastern dish. I’m not saying this is the best kebab in the world, I don’t have the data to make that claim, but this stuff is good. GOOOOOOOD.
I was most recently at Kebab Huset with my brother dearest. We had spent the day gallivanting around rooftops and taking pictures. This is what that looked like:
rooftops 1
rooftops 2
I require him to eat kebab at least once when he comes to visit. He likes it. I’ve decided. Since we had worked up quite an appetite after all he gallivanting, it wasn’t hard to convince him. The kebab roll was our kebab of choice:
Clearly I’ll be seeing you soon when you all come rushing here to eat kebab. Can’t wait.


the godfather: part ii

As you know, my brother was here to visit early this year. As wonderful and kind as my brother is, he was glad to help me complete some of my 25 before 25 goals. By watching movies with me. I know, what a good guy.

picture found here

picture found here

The first of a number of movies we watched while Ryan was visiting was The Godfather 2. Evelina and I had just recently watched the first installment, and we were itching to see more of young Al Pacino. (Understandably.)
The Godfather 2 is an exceptional movie, and comes highly recommended. The things I learned from this movie, I feel, are applicable to other life situations, so I feel it is my duty to share what I have learned with you. (Spoiler alert – stop reading now if you have not seen the movie.)
  • If you beg to Don Ciccio he will shoot you – don’t beg
  • You can get by in New York City only speaking Italian – if I were to learn Italian, I wouldn’t need to speak English in NYC!
  • Vito Corleone never forgets – this may not be applicable outside of the world of The Godfather, but it begs repeating
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – this age-old adage clearly came from this movie – #wisdom
Luckily for us there’s an actual built in intermission in this movie. We had come prepared with lots of snacks and drinks beforehand, but the intermission was well received as high time for a bathroom break.
Good times. Good movie watching fun times.