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book of december: choose your own autobiography 

Here we go! Last book of the month for 2016! 

Neil Patrick Harris is one funny guy. One should probably deduce this purely by reading the title, I mean how awesomely hilarious is a Choose Your Own Autobiography book?! As I am want to do with funny funny people, I listened to the audiobook version of this work. Now, I never did see Doogie Howser, but after listening to the book I feel like I did. I did see all of the HIMYM episodes, so I knew going in that this book would be LEGENDARY. 

After listening to the audio book, and chuckling quite often in public, I checked out the in print version in order to get all of NPH’s drink recipes (like: How I Wet Your Mother). WORTH IT! Definitely give this a read!

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book of june: tumbling turner sisters

My most favorite author whom I’ve ever babysat for has done it again! As I’m sure you recall one of Juliette Fay’s previous books, The Shortest Way Home,  has also been featured on the blog, and as her newest novel was released this month I just had to give it a read!

FullSizeRender (1)

Now I don’t know if it’s my poor memory, but this book seemed funnier than the others! Who knew Mrs. Fay had such witty sentence composition, such as:

“At thirteen, a girl just isn’t prepared for the kind of unfairness this world is ready to hand out every single day of the week.”


“Everyone likes to think they might be appealing to someone, somewhere, and hopes that person has all of his mental faculties, most of his teeth, and might even be kind and lovable, too.”


“Like a bag full of cats, the idea of marriage never seemed to keep a permanent shape, so I was wary to go blindly down the aisle to my possible doom.”

Going into this I had no idea how funny it would be. I’m not sure if it’s because of our employer/employee relationship, or the fact that we mostly discussed bedtime routines, massive LEGO projects and any bowel movement or small injury that may have occurred that evening…I just hadn’t realized how funny Juliette Fay is until now.

I’ve always really liked historical fiction, though I forget that I like it. So it was a wonderful surprise how much I enjoyed this book. Seeing as I was a little skeptical about the historical fiction thing going in. (See previous comment about how forgetful I am).

Like I said, Juliette Fay has done it again, definitely read this book! I won’t tell you who my favorite sister is, you’ll have to decide that on your own, and when you do feel free to comment below.


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book of march: modern romance

So many people I know were reading this book last summer, I just had to give it a go. And I am sure glad I did.

As per my usual I listened to the audiobook version, because Aziz is a funny guy and funny people are funny to listen to. I even noticed some parallels between this funny guy and other funny people. For example he opened his book, like Sarah Silverman, wondering what the listeners would be doing upon listening. Aziz painted a lovely picture of his listener being curled up in bed, enjoying a cup of tea by the fire. Sarah bet on pooping. I’m not saying one or the other is better…but I feel I should say for the record I’m in the first category.

From Aziz I learned that In the 30’s and 40’s people would go as far as they had to to find a mate, but no farther. The “girl/boy nextdoor” is a real thing, and many people clearly loved the ones they’re with already. What I took away from this is that I must have been terrible at finding a mate since I had to go all the way to Sweden to find her.

I also learned that average age of first marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men, and 30 for men and women in big cities. So, again, I follow none of the norms. To be fai Aziz admits to focusing on heterosexual relationships in his book, so I guess I just don’t fit in here. Joking aside I do think there is a lot of fun stuff to take away from the book. But I’m not going to tell you any more about it, you’ll have to just go read it for yourself. 

I will say that there are robots and scientific studies in the book. If that doesn’t pique your interest I don’t know what you’re even doing here.

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book of december: is everyone hanging out without me?

Oh how funny Mindy Kaling is! As I’ve said before I love listening to the audiobook version of funny people’s books, and this is no exception.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t actually know who Mindy Kaling was before listening to her read me her book. Before you freak out, yes I have heard of The Office. But no, I didn’t really watch it. I may have seen like three episodes. You can bet your nickles I’m going to binge watch the entire series after learning how hilarious Mindy is. (I hear Steve Carell is pretty good in the series, too.)

Now all that’s left to do is creep around a book store so I can see all the pictures I missed out on. Don’t worry, it’s okay, Mindy said I could.


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book of october: the bedwetter: stories of courage, redemption, and pee

You may want to sit down for this one. Sit down on the toilet that is. This much at least I have gathered from Sarah’s humerus opus, you can totally be on the toilet for the duration of her book. Though if that were to be the case you might want to get that checked out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, listening to audiobooks of funny people is a great way to spend time. Provided their voice doesn’t drive you up the wall, as luckily is the case here.

Sarah Silverman is hilarious. I didn’t actually know this before listening to this audiobook. Complete disclosure: this isn’t the first time I listened to the audiobook. It was equally hilarious now as it was the first time around.

The same two things struck me the second time listening. First Sarah’s repeated recommendation to make things a treat. I’ll let her explain the finer details to you, but it was quite interesting to hear Sarah get almost serious with us listeners. I will certainly be making some things in my life more of a treat. Good advice, good advice.

Second, I know a lot of Jews. To clarify I know a lot of Jews for a non Jew. I’m sure many Jewish people know more Jewish people than I do. But I digress.

Sarah Silverman is Jewish, as she mentions a time or two in her book. Near the end she states that (as of 2010) 2.2% of the American population is Jewish. I had no idea. Maybe it’s just my small Massachusetts hometown skewing my world view again, but I totally expected that number to be higher. When I was a teenager I went to 20 bar/bat mitzvahs. And I didn’t even go to all of the ones I’d been invited to, sometimes there were scheduling conflicts. Didn’t think anything of it until I met people in college who had been to ZERO bat/bar mitzvahs. I had friends from high school who went to far more celebrations of adulthood than I! Who knew.

If you’re looking for a laugh (and shocking statistics about Judaism in America) give Silverman a listen.


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book of july: yes please

You guys know Amy Poehler right?

Yes Please

I’m sure I don’t need to be introducing her here, so if you’re not familiar give a little Google and I’m sure your memory will be refreshed. Amy Poehler is hilarious, and this obviously shines through in her writing.

I got the audiobook of Poehler’s book. It really is fun to listen to comedians read their own work. You really get that little extra from listening to the audiobook. Plus there are fun guests. However, while listening to the book I happened upon a hard copy at the airport book store. Man did that book look fun! In terms of books by funny people I really prefer listening to the audio version, for reasons previously mentioned. Though  now, for the first time, I was a little sad that I hadn’t gotten the hard copy. I did leaf through almost the whole book while waiting for my flight though, much to the chagrin of the book store employee, so I feel that I almost got the full experience.

What I’m trying to say is when you read this book (and it really should be when – Poehler is hilarious) you can go either route, audiobook or real book – I’d even go so far as to say to go both! Plus, in the audio version the final chapter is read live at the UCB studios in LA, and is just so awesome it hurts.

And now follow my thoughts on Yes Please:

Without giving too much away I’d like to talk about how Amy believes in time travel. She’s got me totally convinced. Poehler also makes a tree ring metaphor that is out of this world, and she writes the book honestly. Honest is funny, so – why not? I love the parts about her phone dependence, because, well ME TOO! And there are some great quotables, like “Getting older is awesome” and “I’m always just where I need to be.”

I do have a question though, Poehler says to “Be here now, as the book says” – but…what book? Amy, whatchu talkin’ ’bout? I like the sentiment though. Maybe the yoga book. I got lost in Google land when I was looking for it, so help a sister out if you know what she means.

My last thought is that when Amy writes about middle age she jokes about looking forward to eating dinner before 6:30pm, or when you call the cops on your next door neighbors when they’re having a party. This apparenly means I’m already there, seeing as I regularly want to eat dinner at 5 and hate my upstairs neighbor for the loud obnoxious music he plays.

Except when it’s ABBA, ‘cuz who doesn’t like some ABBA at full volume at 10am on a Sunday.


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april april

Here in Sweden you don’t shout “April Fools!” when you trick someone today. You smirk and quietly state “april, april”. People in Sweden don’t shout much. That’s how you spot the Americans in Sweden; the loudest people in the room – and their clothes. I’m American, so I can say that. Also, in Swedish the months aren’t capitalized, some knowledge for you. Now, I haven’t played any tricks today (yet) but last year I played a pretty good one.

I posted as my status that I was moving back to the Greater Boston Area. Man, I thought to my self, I am hilarious. Apparently not everyone thought so. Once I outed that it was an April Fool’s joke people were not pleased. One friend in particular got pretty upset about it. Katie*, please accept another official apology, I did not set out to get your hopes up and then allow them to come crashing to the earth, although that may be what happened. I’m sorry.

*Name changed to protect identity, I always change
all the names on my blog. In case you didn’t already
know. May name may not even be Meredith. You’ll
never know. Another piece of knowledge for you.

Anywho, last year my boss played a pretty good April Fool’s joke. She sent an e-mail saying the head of the school had told her that we were going to professionally ventilate two wings of the pre-school. Therefore we would need to vacate the premises between noon and 5pm Monday through Thursday. We would need to relocate about 80 children. For five hours. I remember reading the e-mail, laughing out loud, and then replying that I would be on vacation, so my colleagues would have to make the call on what to do. I totally bought it. And I was totally ecstatic I would not be there. They have a word for that in Swedish: skadeglädje, which basically means thinking things are funny when harm is done to others. Turns out the wings did not need to be professionally ventilated, and my colleagues were not forced to vacate the building. Too bad.

ClosedThis year the headmistresses went on vacation, so no alarming e-mail in our in boxes. I was thinking we should have closed the pre-school today. As a joke of course. To pull one over on them for a change. But realized the back-lash on that one would have been pretty big. I’m also not convinced I could have gotten my colleagues in on it.

Although today hasn’t been a very tricky one for me, you all should definitely keep your eyes peeled.



thirteen. own the complete ten seasons of friends


Now, really this is also a pretty easy one. All that is required of me is to make a purchase. Or 10 purchases, as I ended up doing. I purchased each season individually, over time. You know, as not to break the bank.

I completed this task long before I wrote about it, but I did write about it at least. (This cannot be said for many things.) Friends is truly one of my all time favorite television shows, and I am glad to own the seasons. I was a little bummed to find Friends on Netflix, because then I can just watch them all whenever I want to anyway, but it does mean more to own the physical copies. In my world anyway.

Getting Evelina to watch the complete series is still a pending goal.

Wish me luck.


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let’s start with an easy one: two. bake a rulltårta

Yes, I did buffer my list with easy items. Instead of: see the seven wonders of the world, I put things like: bake a rulltårta on my list. Yes, this was an easy item. Not all of the items on my list were so easily completed, but the easy ones were just as much things I wanted to achieve as the rest of them. 

Now, rulltårta is a Swedish word (notice the å), and when directly translated, translates to roll cake. A very accurate description of the actual cake. The Swedes are a literal people. (Literal translation of gums – tandkött – is teeth meat. Chew on that one for a minute. Huge pun intended.)
Rulltårtor (the plural form for roll cake) are exactly what the name implies. A rolled up cake. When done right, they are a fluffy, rolled up joy. When done how I did them, they’re still a joy (because it’s cake we’re talking about) but possibly slightly less fluffy….and even.
My one piece of advice? Thinly spread your cake batter. THINLY. I cannot emphasize that enough. My cake could have really just been a regular old cake. Or a cake folded in half. I was semi successful in achieving the roll – swirl, the appearance when you cut into the roll cake. But let’s just say the first time isn’t the charm.
There are many recipes for roll cakes, and many occasions for them. I’m sure to have more chances with this one in the future. And now I know. THINLY spread the cake batter. Thinly.
photo 2
Got it.

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more movies: pulp fiction

I’m sure you all remember my New Years Resolutions for 2013. In case you’ve forgotten, and are now struck by curiosity, feel free to click here. I wanted to watch more movies, and I was semi successful at that. Although I did not write about it in 2013, I did watch Pulp Fiction with Evelina last year.

Pulp Fiction

picture found here

It was quite educational really.

What I learned from Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino, and his top-notch cast:

  • They made some pretty bad ass movies in  1994
  • I now understand all jokes made about Quentin Tarantino
  • Samuel L. Jackson has now explained what a pilot is in perfectly understandable English – finally, I understand.
  • Burgers are a good breakfast food
  • You can buy a pack of cigarettes for $1.40 (in 1994, let’s be clear on that)
  • I realized I do not know how to do the twist
  • “Zed’s dead” is fun to say


The movie was great, I definitely recommend it. Have you seen it? Did you find it equally as educational?