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25 before 25

The following is a list of 25 things I aim to accomplish by the time I turn 25. The blue items are items that I’ve completed or started completing, click on them to read more!

1. Get married

2. Bake a rulltårta (I want to say this directly translates to roll cake, but this is not definite — see number 3)

3. Learn Swedish – parts 1, 2 & 3

4. Run a marathon

5. Extend visa in Sweden

6. Get fit

7. Go to Italy

8. Go to Greece

9. Go to Mexico

10. Watch 10 films on IMDB’s top 250 List (that I haven’t yet seen)

11. Read 5 books on Francine Prose’s “Books to be Read Immediately” List

12.  Buy a camera and start taking some sweet pics

13.  Own the complete 10 seasons of Friends

14.  Get a dog

15.  Find a lasagna recipe Evelina enjoys as much as I do

16.  Visit a friend at their new residence

17.  Make homemade macaroni and cheese

18. Read a book a month

19. Floss daily

20. Paint a painting

21. Get wicked cool sunglasses

22. Do a handstand push up

23. Buy a guitar and learn five songs

24. Save money

25. Come up with a 30 before 30 list

As you can see, everything is blue! That means everything is complete! Or almost, click on the links to read more, and visit my newly published 30 before 30 list (you can even see which items from this list are left to be complete there).

46 thoughts on “25 before 25

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  2. I know that this list is personal, and therefore no one who is not you can really object/comment on your choices… BUT you’re my friend and I feel the need to intervene on a few of these.

    “6. Look awesome.” How does one go about “looking awesome”? You don’t already “look awesome”? What is “awesome”? How will you know once number six is completed?

    “19. Floss three times a week.” Really? Three times? You do know that you’re supposed to floss every night? I think you can aim a little higher here. I believe in you.

    Also, you know how everyone says you’re supposed to set small, manageable goals for yourself? This is good so that you can actually accomplish them and also feel good about yourself in order to move on to the harder ones. I’m worried for you because “read a book a month” is very easy to fail at, especially since there are many many many months before your twenty fifth birthday. And also you are never going to accomplish “save some money”. How much is “some money”? How do you know when this is accomplished?

    The end. Love you!

  3. I didn’t want to put go on a diet, or loose x amount of lbs (or kilos), so I put look awesome. I am the judge of when that is accomplished. And it basically amounts to diet and excercise. Clearly I’ll post about it. Hopefully I won’t be completely pissed off during every post seeing as I’ll be HUNGRY.

    And FINE I’ll floss every day. You suck.

    Also I guess I shouldn’t have specified ‘read’ because listening to audiobooks counts. Within the year I’ve already listened to 6 books, which is above my quota of having to have read three. So as long as I continue working where I’m working I’ll have ample opportunity to listen to lots of books. So I hope 28 books will be manageable. We’ll just have to see.

    And some money is specified by me. I don’t want to brag to the world the ridiculous number of bills I’ll have saved up. Seriously.


  4. I’ll go with you for #7 and #8!

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  6. #16 you can do anytime after july 28th, just saying. :D

  7. How’s it going crossing stuff off your list? I haven’t done any on mine for awhile. I need to get on that.

    • It’s going well! Or well enough I guess, I have a few more posts to write about things I’ve done…although the marathon running is still a long. long. long way off. (It did need three “longs” — that’s how far)

  8. I have seen these lists. I am intrigued as to why I — the ultimate list maker — do not make one. I am so content to let life happen, and I guess little projects or opportunities are always finding me, so I wouldn’t ever want to say, ” Wait, I can’t go to the flashmob tonight because I’d planned to practice making bread from scratch.” Or something. But I DO like the idea of crossing things off my list, so if it can be stuff like “floss daily,” I might have to jump on board. My list would have to be 50 before 50. That seems really daunting.

    • The simple solution would be to add spontanious flashmob to the list. But also, for me anyway, the list is more of a focus point. Obviously I’m still going to go skydiving (again) if the oportunity presents itself, even if it’s not on the list. For me it’s a list of things I want to get done, and don’t want to forget about doing. Which I often do.

  9. Plus I plan to cry that day. So..

  10. 3 before 40: Learn English, Leave Italy, Go and Live Sweden. I hope.

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