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map the progress

I love graphs. And charts, and spreadsheets. I’ve confessed my love for spreadsheets before, so this shouldn’t be a surprise for you. Well luckily for me in PN we get progress graphs. I. Am. So. Stoked.

This past weekend we took our first pictures and measurements, to set a base line for future progress. Like I said, I love graphs, so I am so looking forward to how exciting the product of all my hard work will be in one year’s time. The graphs will probably start getting exciting after three months even!

(I’m struggling to contain myself over here.)

Side bar: Too bad there are no Container Stores in Sweden.

If that joke was beyond you it is totally fine, I’m rambling. Back to the point. This weekend I uploaded my first measurements. I measured my weight, neck, shoulders, chest, upper arm, waist, hip, thigh and calf. Right now my graphs look like one dot in the middle of a square. The dot is blue. As long as I’ve understood everything correctly I’ll be doing this weekly, so soon that dot won’t be so lonely.

Stay tuned.


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