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bron|broen|the bridge

Guys. Guys! GUYS!

There’s this awesome TV show I’m watching, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Only…you have to know Swedish to watch it. Oh, and Danish. KIDDING that would just be mean. The show is titled Bron|Broen, which is Swedish and Danish respectively. For those of you who may not know Denmark and Sweden are connected by a bridge from the city of København (Copenhagen, Denmark) to Malmö (Malmoe, Sweden). It’s a crime show that takes place in both countries and follows the stories of crimes that take place in both jurisdictions simultaneously. It happens more than you would think. It is currently played in 12 countries, and the UK is one of them. So it’s available with English subtitles. Yes it’s one of those shows you have to read. Unless you know Swedish AND Danish. Which I do not. My Danish is terrible.

Picture found here. I do not own this picture. It is probably owned by SVT and aproximately 10 other television companies. No joke.

Picture found here. I do not own this picture. It is probably owned by SVT and approximately 10 other television companies. No joke.

With out giving too much away the main characters are Saga Norén, the Swede, who displays significant signs of Asperger syndrome. Her opposite is Martin Rhode, the Dane, who amuses in Sagas personality and, it must be said, accepts her for exactly who she is. (And she him, as becomes important in the end of the first/beginning of the second season.) Definitely read more at IMDB, but be careful for spoilers.

Evelina and I have been consuming this television show as fast as our schedules allow, and after blowing through the first season I can honestly say I am SUPER excited to get started on the second season. Here in Sweden both seasons have been released, comprised of 10 episodes each. So, what are you waiting for. Get watching!