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it’s christmas time

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Here in Sweden we had our celebration yesterday. Good food was eaten, toys were opened, and the merriness was abundant. 

Here’s hoping your day is full of love, peace, happiness and joy.


god jul

A Merry Christmas drawing I recieved on my last day at work before Christmas break.

A Merry Christmas drawing I received on my last day at work before Christmas break.

Today is Christmas Eve! That means that we’ll be celebrating today here in Sweden! In Sweden it is tradition to watch Kalle Anka (or Donald Duck) on Christmas Eve before opening the presents. Kalle Anka is a Christmas special that I don’t believe has changed in the past 50 years. And yes, you heard me right, in Sweden we wait until the night-time to open gifts.

This really bummed me out until I realized that we still open gifts a whole day before we would were we in the U.S. So to all the Swedes out there: God Jul! And to all the Americans that have yet to open your gifts: SUCKAS!


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just think apples

I’m cold. Very cold. And I can’t see anything. Because it’s so dark. So I’m going to think about happier, brighter, warmer times. Like the fall, summer and spring.

We had a beautiful fall here in Sweden, full of bright brisk mornings, where the dew would glisten, frozen, on the grass. Fall started, like, August 1st. (I should have realized what was coming.) But, ignoring the signs, I enjoyed the sunny cooler days. In the fall I love going apple picking; happily so does Evelina, and apple picking we went!

Although when I say that we went apple picking I should be specific about what I mean. We went to Evelina’s parent’s house, and we went into the back yard, and we picked apples from the tree that grows there. I say that qualifies.


Here’s to memories of warmer (everything is warmer than this), brighter days!