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book of november: killing floor

Well, you didn’t have to wait long for another Jack Reacher novel. In September I wrote about A Wanted Man, mentioning that I was actually trying to read the first Jack Reacher novel in the series…and missed the mark by about 15 books.

This time around I successfully read the first Jack Reacher novel, and loved it. Not a huge surprise seeing as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the previous two books I’ve read. This novel, like Persuader, was written in the first person. For some reason though it felt strange this time around reading from Jack’s perspective. I think probably because I was so into the third person of A Wanted Man.

I do think the adage practice makes better really applies here.

Side bar: at my elementary school it was decided that technical perfection is unatainable and instead we should be striving to better ourselves not perfect ourselves. Thus “practice makes better” was born. If you did not happen to attend my elementary school you can be forgiven for not knowing this.

Back to it. In my small and humble opinion I think that Lee Child becomes a better writer over the course of his career. I hope that this is seen as a complement, because it is meant as such. I like to think most people aim to better themselves and would not be entirely satisfied remaining at the same level. To be clear, Child starts at a damn high quality level. So go read this book.


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happy halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I know today is Halloween (so I hope you all have a very spooky Thursday), but Evelina and I celebrated yesterday. You see, we have practice pretty much all night tonight, and spooky things don’t usually happen at the rink. (Watch, now that I said that practice will be terrifying.)

To celebrate the scariest day of the year we decided to eat a Halloween treat and watch a scary movie. The treat that was served with the movie was ‘worms in dirt’. One of my favorite childhood memories from Halloween is eating this lovely concoction. Plus it is super easy. It involves crushed cookies (Oreos or we used Ballarina cookies), chocolate pudding, and gummy worms. You can make your own in 3 easy steps:

  1. Crush a cookie in the bottom of a cup/container/whatever you’ll be eating your Halloween treat out of.
  2. Whisk together the pudding mix and pour it over the cookie crumbles. Let cool in fridge.
  3. Adorn your ‘dirt’ with more crushed cookies and a few gummy worms squirming their way out of the ground.


There you have it, ready to eat.

worms in dirt

For our entertainment for the evening we picked The Devil’s Advocate, which was listed under horror and thriller, and even had 4 out of 5 stars. Also, who doesn’t want to see Al Pachino as the devil? That’s good fun. Plus, it starts with “The”.  Everyone knows the scariest movies start with “The”. The Sixth Sense, The Silence of the Lambs, The Ring, The Grudge…except…not The Incredibles, that movie is just plain fun.

Devil's Advocate

picture credit: IMDB
edited by yours truly

Anyway, for a movie made in the late 90’s it did have good graphics and was surprisingly fashionable. That being said it wasn’t exactly a terrifying movie. There were some creepy scenes, and some mental illness, but over all I probably wouldn’t make the choice to call it a horror movie. If you’re looking for a scary movie tonight, I would skip this one. If you’re looking for a decent late 90’s movie with an at-times-slow-moving plot, but some partial nudity, choose this one.

Happy scaring.