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the land of ice

After the wedding comes the honeymoon!

Evelina and I traveled to Iceland this past August to celebrate our love for one another. Also all the adventure!

We were in Iceland for five days, and while there we stayed in Reykjavik. It’s a beautiful city, our hotel was very central, so everything was within walking distance.

On the first day, after landing, getting ourselves into Reykjavik, and checking in to the hotel, Evelina and I walked up to the Church of Hallgrímur. Or as they say in Icelandic Hallgrímskirkja. OR as they say in Swedish Hallgrímurs kyrka.

Side bar: there are clear similarities between Icelandic and the other Scandinavian languages (not Finnish), however since they’re all on their lonesome on that island out in the middle of the Atlantic, Icelandic developed more as an outsider. This means I understand zero Icelandic. To be fair, my Danish and Norwegian are not good either.

Anywho! You can ride the elevator to the top, take the stairs up a few more floors, and get a great view. Evelina and I enjoyed wonderful views of, basically the entire city from the top of the church.

Iceland church

On the second day we did a bus tour of the Golden Circle. We rode to see the national park Þingvellir, the waterfall Gullfoss, and the geothermally active valley of Haukadalur.

Golden Circle

We even saw huge glaciers and volcanoes from afar. In Haukadalur we visited The Great Geysir, as in the geyser who named all geysers. Seeing as Geysir is so great he graces us with his presence quite infrequently. Strokkur on the other hand was also in the valley and erupted something like every 7 minutes. It only took about a million tries to get this photo.


And lots of patients. Seven minutes is a long time. Since we were so good at keeping time we got to see an extra waterfall at the end.

Day three we took it easy. We walked around Reykjavik and did a little shopping. By a little shopping i mean I bought a scarf and Evelina bought a hat. It is cold in Iceland, even in the summer.


Can you see the puffin on Evelina’s hat?


We ate lunch at a super great little café which I recommend to all of you. Get the soup of the day with grilled cheese, you will not regret it. We liked the place so much we returned there for another meal later in the week. The soup of the day was tomato both times. If you do go, please let me know if they ever change the soup of the day. I suspect they do not.

Mmm, noodle soup

We also ate here on our first day. It was tomato then too.


We then tried to go on a whale watch. Okay we did go on a whale watch, and tried to see whales. Unfortunately we did not see any. We did see some puffins though! Since we didn’t get to see any whales we got a free tour which is good for up to a year. If you know anyone going to Iceland, we’ve got whale watching tickets, as we were unable to try a second attempt.

We were litterally wearing all of the clothes we had packed, so it was really great they had these jump suits for us to keep warm.

We were literally wearing all of the clothes we had packed, so it was really great they had these jump suits to help us keep warm as we patiently awaited the whales.

Dinner was eaten at a local Icelandic style restaurant. I say Icelandic style because they served some traditional Icelandic food (fish and lamb – though not in the same dish), but also because it was cold as hell in there. The Icelandic people apparently think their summers are warm, and therefore do not require indoor heating. I do beg to differ.

Dinner Iceland

On the fourth day we got to do what we came to Iceland to do. Or at least what one of the big reasons was why we chose Iceland. We went on a helicopter ride. Even before we had planned the wedding Evelina had seen an information pamphlet about helicopter rides over Iceland. We had decided we wanted to do this before we had picked a wedding local, or dresses, or pretty much everything. So it was a dream come true to have the opportunity to go on that private helicopter ride. Oh man was it cool! We got cool headgear to wear. We got to see ridiculously amazing views of Iceland from above. And we had a great pilot who made the experience even better than we had imagined.

This was such an incredible experience. Plus, my aviators got to be used for their original purpose. Win-win.

This was such an incredible experience. Plus, my aviators got to be used for their original purpose. Win-win.

Our fifth and final day was spent a very long and relaxing day at the Blue Lagoon. You can buy tickets from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon and then to the airport, which is exactly what we did. After checking out of the hotel we bussed our way out there. The weather was unbelievable, and the water was oh so warm. There are massages to be had, facials to be gotten, and a world of relaxation. We had dinner at the restaurant there after an exhausting day of relaxing in the sunshine. The food was quite good. We left the Blue Lagoon very satisfied with our choice to visit, and made our way home to Sweden.

Views from in the lagoon and atop the viewing deck.

Views from in the lagoon and atop the viewing deck.

Iceland was the perfect honeymoon spot. I can’t wait to go back.