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book of july: déjà dead

I loved this book. I expected to, but not this much. I’m not sure if it’s purely due to my recent lack of reading adult fiction, but reading this book reminded me what it means to read for fun. Something about reading only for the enjoyment of it is hugely different than reading for my classes. That combined with the fact that Kathy Reichs’ is a brilliantly entertaining mind lead to this being so hugely enjoyable for me. 

These books inspired the TV series Bones, which I loved. Thus my expecting to love this book. And, as is so often the case, the book is just so much better than the on screen depiction. It was particularly fun to try to pick out which of the book characters represented which of the television depictions (aside from the obvious). Though in my mind Temperance doesn’t really look like Emily Deschanel (actress in the series). Another interesting aspect was to see which changes were made. One of the big ones, not so spoilery, was the relocation from Quebec (book) to Washington D.C. (television).

This month I’m recommending a twofer. If you haven’t read this book and only seen the show. Read it now. If you have read it and not seen the show, get on it, the show is a lot of fun. If you’ve done neither then you’re in for hours and hours of fun! I’m excited to continuing to read the Temperence Brennan novels, and I’ll be sure to post here when I do.



Have you guys seen this show?!
Orange is the New Black – that is.

It’s only the best thing to happen to Netflix since its inception. In my humble opinion.

These pictures are from Google, but the editing was done by yours truly

These pictures are from Google, but the editing was done by yours truly

Last summer Evelina and I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, and the second season came out about two weeks ago. Which means Evelina and I finished watching it about 10 days ago. In my head we would watch them slowly and enjoy each episode, watch one or two per day, and make the season last. Then June 6th came around. Please, we binge watched those episodes with little to no self-control. Lucky for us June 6th is the Swedish National Day, so we had a full three day weekend to “slowly” enjoy every episode.

Side bar: Swede’s still aren’t quite sure how to celebrate this day, seeing as it only became a national holiday in the relatively recent past. (By national holiday I mean everyone gets the day off work – the important things, right?) I’m thinking OITNB is a perfect way to celebrate

That is neither here nor there, really, because what we’re here today to discuss is Orange is the New Black. And the wonderfulness that is this show. I was rather critical of main character Piper Chapman, pretty much, for the entire first season. Judgy judgy judgy, that was me watching her try to deal & cope with all the changes and challenges that came with prison life.

Pause: This show is the story of a middle class woman’s experience in a federal prison, after being charged with smuggling drug money across international boarders – if that doesn’t pique your interests maybe all the sex will. I’ll do my best not to include any spoilers for all y’all who haven’t seen the show yet, and are now convinced that you must watch it immediately.

Somewhere in the waiting time between last summer and this I stopped being such a judgemental douche (and also realized that I was judging a fictional character on her – in my opinion – bad choices). And even though Alex Vause will probably always be my favorite character on the show, after season two, Piper Chapman is competing for that spot, hard.

Seriously though, watch this show, it is so much fun. I really don’t want to give anything away, but the drama is top-notch. I can’t wait for season 3.