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memory lane: a danish weekend

As we continue along this trip, let’s make a stop at May, 2013.

Danish flag

Evelina and I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark to see my cousin, and meet her beautiful little girl. Who by now has turned 3, but let’s return down the lane and talk more about Denmark.

We arrived pretty late, so the first thing we did in Denmark was sleep. Okay the first thing was to find and check into the hotel, but the second thing was sleep.


After waking up to a beautiful view of Copenhagen we ate breakfast with my cousin and then proceeded to explore the town.

Exploring Copenhagen

Me & Evelina Copenhagen DK 2013

As dusk fell we found our way to Tivoli, or the amusement park, right in central Copenhagen (next to our hotel, so the finding wasn’t particularly difficult). We wandered around taking lots of pictures of flowers. I’m pretty sure that’s what all the tourists do in Copenhagen. We must have been there on a day of no tourism, because we were the only ones taking flower pictures that evening.


When we returned to the hotel Tivoli started the firework show in our honor.

Tivoli fireworks

We had a great weekend away, and though much of Copenhagen reminded us of Sweden, the ever-present Danish speaking always reminded us that we were a long way from home.

As we concluded our weekend we returned home to Sweden, but didn’t venture far from Stockholm. The evening of our return we caught Pink at The Globe. We ate dinner before the show, and to be honest the food was quite good.


Pink Globen

If you haven’t yet, go see Pink in concert, she is truly an entertainer. Also, if you have the chance, eat dinner first on a balcony from which you later enjoy the show.


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gaga ooo la la

Evelina and I have had the pleasure of seeing Lady Gaga in concert on two occasions. Both of which I plan on telling you about now.


The first concert was on August 30th, 2012 and was part of Gaga’s Born This Way Ball. Gaga is amazing in concert. Amazing. You may have guessed that this is my opinion already, knowing I’ve seen her twice in concert, but I think it needs stating. During the performance we saw there were some technical difficulties. Apparently the Globe just isn’t used to drawing in that much power. Gaga took it all in stride and came out on stage and chatted with us. Seriously, it felt that personal, like we were just chatting. Even though she couldn’t hear what I was saying. To be honest I┬áreally do feel bad for all the North Americans who missed out on seeing this performance because of Gaga’s hip injury. I am glad though that Gaga’s hip injury did heal well, because it means she was back in Sweden this past fall.

Globen Gaga

September 30th Lady Gaga graced us with her presence once again in the Globe with the artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball. I loved this concert equally as much. Though I was a little sad we didn’t have a one on one chat like last time. Lady Gaga is an amazing performer. You should all go see her in concert.


I want to see her in Tokyo. Apparently this is where Lady Gaga grosses the most cash money, consistently – so it’s obviously the biggest party. Meet me in Tokyo?