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spreadsheets and triple contractions – with a side of running

Don't be fooled by the rosy filter, it is cold in there.

Don’t be fooled by the rosy filter, it is cold in there.

After starting my marathon training I did what any sensible person would do. I made a spreadsheet. Okay, to be honest the absolute first thing I did was take an ice bath, because man my legs were not pleased with my decisions. Then I made a spread sheet.

I love spreadsheets. I almost considered being an accountant once, because I heard they get to make a lot of spreadsheets, and I want that to be my job. Nothing came out of that, so that’s neither here nor there, but it does emphasize my point that I love spreadsheets.

My spreadsheet is beautiful and catalogues the training I have completed and the training I plan to complete. For now, our ice times and schedule only come out one week in advance, so I haven’t planned very far into the future as of yet. Once the hockey season ends, and I am better able to gauge what I am capable of, I’ll be able to plan farther in advance.


This is what I’m talking about:

Training Schedule Pic

You may notice a gap there in the training. I got sick at the end of January, and wasn’t up to training. I feel I should take something away from my getting sick so soon after starting my training. However, it’s still unclear if I jumped into too much training at once, or if I should focus on abstaining from allowing three year olds to cough directly into my air passages. Definitely one of the two.

I’m excited to see what will come of the spreadsheet in the future as I complete more training. Y’all’ll just have to wait and see! (Why isn’t a triple contraction acceptable in the English language? Triple contractions are another thing I love.)



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Remember how I told you that I got a new job? Well, it’s time for another hint about what it is I do: I work with children. I’ve been at my new job for approximately six weeks now, and I have been sick twice. Small children are good at being sick, and apparently so am I.

As I was less than thrilled about being sick again, I tried to look at it in a positive light. Take it as a learning experience. Of course, being the generous person I am, I wanted to share these things I have learned, so that you will also have more information about being sick. (Who doesn’t need that?)

  1. If someone throws up on you, it is likely you will become sick. The story behind this is simple. A small child threw up on me. I got sick. What I have learned: Avoid being thrown up on.
  2. Do not get Vick’s VapoRub in your eye. While Vick has clearly learned the secret of the Gods, and has been blessed with the ability to concoct their Godly salve, it is not meant for in-eye-use. I’m sure Vick has written this somewhere in the fine print. What I have learned: Apply VapoRub with caution.
  3. While tea with honey and lemon is a great way to feel better when you’re sick, an even better way is to add some whiskey into the mix. Evelina learned this as an old family secret passed down from generation to generation, and now she has passed that on to me. It tastes absolutely wonderful (is it just me?) and will help you get better quicker. Proven fact. What I have learned: Whiskey makes it better.

Now, go! Take this new-found glorious information with you as you make your way through the world! If all else fails, stick with number three.