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book of january: seriously…i’m kidding

Do you ever need a laugh? I mean do you ever need a laugh like a fish needs water? Like a jetliner needs Bernoulli’s principle? Like a person living in a sunless place?

Well I needed a laugh. So I read Ellen DeGeneres’ third book Seriously…I’m Kidding. It helped. I laughed.

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I mean not at all the jokes. I didn’t want Ellen to be getting a big head or anything, she’s important enough as it is, I don’t need to be feeding the fire. But I did laugh. Out loud. Which is always an accomplishment for a book, I think. Because you look like a real loon chuckling alone to yourself on the train as you read. You look like a real psychopath when you belt out a screech of a laugh that gets louder and uncontrollable by the end, sitting alone on a train. Oh, with a book then too.

Seriously though, great book, funny jokes, classic Ellen times.

If you haven’t already been convinced by Ellen to go out and pick up a copy of your own, go do it today. And, while I unfortunately can’t speak from experience, I’m pretty sure this would be even funnier as an audiobook. As often happens with funny people.

Happy laughing!