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book of may: tripwire

Jack Reacher is at it again, Lee Child I suppose is actually the one at it – but Reacher is the star of the show. It was March of 2015 that I read my first Child book – and thus started a grand love story.

Okay, I suppose I just enjoy reading the Reacher books a normal amount – and I’m here today to say,¬†you should too! After reading Persuader I was hooked, and inclined to start at the beginning of the Reacher novels. As they say, the beginning is a very good place to start. Tripwire is now the fourth Reacher book I’ve read, and third in cronological order.

When I say cronological order I mean order in which the books were written. You, dear reader, really don’t need to read the books in any particular order – which is nice. Though I do think I will continue my Reacher journey in order of publication. Have you, dear reader, not yet started your own Reacher journey, I behove you to begin.

Happy reading!



book of march: persuader

This month I read Persuader by Lee Child. It was a very captivating book, whose plot line kept me interested the entire time. The main character Jack Reacher is apparently featured in many of Child’s books. I hadn’t read any other books by Child before this one. Although the Jack Reacher series does go in a certain order, from what I understand from Persuader, each of the books can stand alone as well.


Child’s writing style is unique, and as Jack is the main character, particularly masculine. I enjoyed following Jack along this exciting adventure, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of the series.