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This guy is 25 years old!


I can’t actually beileve it. As the big sister your little brother is always your little brother…but 25 isn’t so little. When we were in fact little, Ryan had a nickname within the family, Ry-guy. This intelligent little mischevious boy could come up with the funest tricks and adventures.

From exploring the woods in our backyard to wearing me and my friends down to finally let him into our “secret clubhouse”. Which in reality was just the inside of the house attached to the swing-set, so I’m not sure how we had the nerve to dub it secret. Ryan could talk his way into anything. I’m pretty sure to this day when he turns on the charms he still has that skill.

Though when it comes to fika I still have a way with words that leads to me getting the last cookie.

Happy birthday Ry-guy, hope it’s a great one!



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the birthday boy

This guy turns 23 today! Happy Birthday brother!


Not only can I not believe it is already June of 2015, but the elder of my little brothers is turning 23 whole years today. I feel like I should bestow some wisdom upon you on this special day, but all I can think of is don’t step on bees. Even bumblebees, it still hurts.

So, with that, I hope you have a fabulous bee-sting-less birthday today. Listen to your older sister, she knows.


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happy birthday ryan!

Look at that winning smile! I’d pay for that too. I cannot believe this little man is turning 20 today! On this day, the second of June, in the year 1992 Ryan came into the world. A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you little bro. Now stop it. You’re making me feel old.

In this birthday tribute post I scoured my memory in search of an event with which to define this day. All I could really come up with was various instances of my chasing him around the house in a bout of fury at yet another annoying thing he had done to me. Or that’s how I saw it. If it wasn’t chasing him down, it was attempting to lock him out of my room when a friend had come to play (made all the more difficult by the fact that none of the doors in our house had locks on them growing up). Then there was the time I tried to use the wily ways of words to convince him that he didn’t actually want to come into the club house my friends and I had constructed in the back yard. The one we had decided was ‘no boys allowed’. Sign included. This may not have been the best move.

Thankfully my memory is also riddled with memories of building sand castles in the setting sun after a day of running through the salty waves. Times when we would become all too competitive playing pickup soccer games, or indoor crackabout. These would always end with a smile, as adrenaline pumping activities usually do. Memories of licking melting ice cream, dipping our toes in the side of the pool, making friends with the WMP guards of that summer. (Mostly so they wouldn’t yell at us for being so close to the water with our sugary treats.) More recent moments also come to mind. Attending his high school graduation. Working together at that same pool where we spent the sun-kissed afternoons of our youth. And most recently, during his side-splitting trip to Sweden over New Years. I’m pretty sure I’ll bring up the belly dancing episode for years to come. So, Ryan, you can prepare yourself for that.

Moving away from home has reinforced something I’ve always known about the importance of family, which is hard to put in words. All I know is that I am certainly looking forward to our future shenanigans. Here’s to you, on your day. Brother of mine whom I love so much.


NOTE: This post has been updated after the fact. My family members have informed me that the first picture I had posted, was, in fact, of myself. Also, Ryan informed me of the actual year of his birth. 1989 + 3 IS hard math.