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the 200th

Well here it is. Much sooner than I thought.

text graphic courtesy of WordPress

text graphic courtesy of WordPress

When I started out on this grand adventure, I never could have imagined what my blog would become. And now, only three months away from my three year anniversary, a lot has changed. Not only on the blog.

Since day one I’ve written 30 book of the month posts. (And read as many books!)

Since day one I’ve completed 17 things that I’ve always wanted to do. (Check out the 25 before 25 and 30 before 30 lists to read about them!)

Since day one some things have happened. I’ve learned a new language, I’ve travelled, I’ve made memories, and met people who are impossible to forget. I’ve used this blog to catalogue the great things. The adventures and smile bearing small moments.

There have been some bumps along the road, some that I’ve casually mentioned, but I try not to dwell. I do hope you fabulous readers do know that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. I do prefer to highlight the good though. Positivity builds on itself to create more good. So when I’m down I can pick myself back up by taking a little peek at my own corner of the internet. It usually works.

Let’s start a tradition then, and focus on the good, like how many different places in the world my blog has poked it’s nose into your lives.

Stats 200

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That’s 75 countries y’all. How many views does your country have?

I hope you enjoy what you see.




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Remember how I told you that I got a new job? Well, it’s time for another hint about what it is I do: I work with children. I’ve been at my new job for approximately six weeks now, and I have been sick twice. Small children are good at being sick, and apparently so am I.

As I was less than thrilled about being sick again, I tried to look at it in a positive light. Take it as a learning experience. Of course, being the generous person I am, I wanted to share these things I have learned, so that you will also have more information about being sick. (Who doesn’t need that?)

  1. If someone throws up on you, it is likely you will become sick. The story behind this is simple. A small child threw up on me. I got sick. What I have learned: Avoid being thrown up on.
  2. Do not get Vick’s VapoRub in your eye. While Vick has clearly learned the secret of the Gods, and has been blessed with the ability to concoct their Godly salve, it is not meant for in-eye-use. I’m sure Vick has written this somewhere in the fine print. What I have learned: Apply VapoRub with caution.
  3. While tea with honey and lemon is a great way to feel better when you’re sick, an even better way is to add some whiskey into the mix. Evelina learned this as an old family secret passed down from generation to generation, and now she has passed that on to me. It tastes absolutely wonderful (is it just me?) and will help you get better quicker. Proven fact. What I have learned: Whiskey makes it better.

Now, go! Take this new-found glorious information with you as you make your way through the world! If all else fails, stick with number three.