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39 is it?

Now, to be sure, one doesn’t ask a woman’s age. One just shan’t. On this day we celebrate my mother’s birthday, how old she turns, nobody knows. Except those who know what year she was born, and are particularly adept at maths.

Evelina and I were recently state side, and we brought along a present for my mother, yes it was a bit in advance, but she opened it, and I think she was satisfied. It was a canvas with a saying that she came up with, and I put together and had printed.

Run away the worries

I thought the sentiment would make a nice poem, so as a gift on  your actual day, here’s a poem for you Mum:

Run away the worries,
Run away the pain,
Run away the badgering thoughts,
Through wind and sun and rain.

Run to find happiness
Run to find your peace
Run to find a dollop of joy
Cross muddy fields and streets.

Run to run
For running is fun
More fun in the sun, I say!




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a surprise

I posted about my 5 planned Pintrest do it yourself items a little while back. But waited on the fifth item, as I wanted it to be a surprise. It was a surprise for Evelina, for Valentine’s Day. As that has come and gone I’d like to share with you now just what that surprise was.

A hand-made card.

Valentine's Day card

I calculated out how many days Evelina and I have been together, and then gathered my supplies.

  • card & envelope
  • patterned paper
  • x-acto knife
  • cutting board
  • glue
  • pen & pencil
  • printed copy of what is to be on the card


I saw the idea on Pintrest, but there you could buy personal cards – I think it was probably off Etsy.

Pintrest card

But I wanted an even more personal touch,  I wanted it to be hand-made – by me. First, I printed out what I wanted the card to say, in the appropriate font and size. Using a ball point pen I then placed the printout over the patterned paper and traced over the edges of each letter. Be sure to push down hard with the ball point pen. The point is to indent the patterned paper well enough to see the lines once the print out is removed.

DIY - ball point pen

Then, use the x-acto knife to cut out all the letters along the aforementioned indents. Carefully plan spacing, and glue the letters on.

cut & plan

There you have it!

Final card

If you’re going to use the same front message as I did, be sure to double-check your math. Turns our I did not, and I was off by a few hundred days. Oops. My math error was made especially clear when Evelina gave me my gift, a small book whose first page included the number of days we had been together. Once again mathematics foils my plans.