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lilac in linköping


The neighborhood we lived in when we lived in Linköping bloomed in the spring. Bloomed with lilac. Every house and garden had lilac. I assume it was a requirement – if you agreed to reside there you agreed to maintain lilac. A reasonable assumption.

It smelled wonderfully. For a few weeks each spring going for a walk was accompanied by the lovely redolence of lilac. It was wonderful.

Now that spring has sprung I wonder if our old neighborhood is teeming with the beautiful purple flower once again. I hope it is. I hope to take a stroll through those lilac filled streets soon.

For now my memories will have to do.
Until next time,





Not to be confused with my earlier post, midsommar, where all your questions are answered about how to successfully celebrate Midsummer in Sweden.

All of that information still stands, and I highly recommend reading up before you continue with this post.

Before I continue with this post, though, I have some good news! Remember number 12 on my 25 before 25 list? (If you don’t read up by clicking here). Well, now I have an even cooler camera!

That’s right, for the big 2-5 Evelina got me a super-wicked-awesome camera! Which is what brings us to Midsummer. Since midsummer falls after my birthday by a few days, I had this bad boy up and running.


Which means I could take some sweet pics of the action. For your enjoyment:

Midsummer 2014