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ten. watch 10 films on imdb’s top 250 list

To specify, I wanted to watch 10 films I had not yet seen, from this fun list on IMDB’s webpage.

Sidebar: Does anyone use the word webpage anymore?


I got really close on this one. As of my latest update I had watched 6/10 of the movies on my list. Since then Evelina and I watched Schindler’s List, so that’s another step forward.


I was a little embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t seen this one. We had seen clips in history class, but I don’t believe that counts…If you haven’t seen it, Schindler’s list is a horribly wonderful movie. Comes highly recommended.

It does, unfortunately, leave this item incomplete. Evelina seems less than thrilled with the three remaining films, so if this item is to be completed looks like I’ll be going it alone.

Have you seen any of the remaining films? Which should I see first?


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the good, the bad and the ugly


Now that that’s said and done, I’d like to welcome you to the second installment of movies I watched with Ryan on his visit! (First installment found here.)
picture found here

picture found here

We watched the good, the bad, and the ugly. Much to Evelina’s chagrin. Apparently old Western’s are not her thing. And I can honestly not see why. This movie was clever, funny, amusing, and had lots of guns and blowing up things and plot turns and twists and things. Everything you need in a Western. Plus: WAH WAH WAAAAAH, played at least one million times. At least. I see no down sides.
I’m here today to share with you what I have learned from this gripping Western:
  • People made some sweet movies in the ’60s.
  • If you attach a donkey to a well/water pump someone has to ride it. Donkeys are not smart enough to walk in a circle without a little guidance.
  • White teeth were very common in the Old West. Probably as common as it is in the New West.
  • Wheelchairs were not common.
  • Pink umbrellas are the appropriate sun protection – do not leave yours at home.
  • Hide your gun in the bubbles – no one will expect it.
If you haven’t seen it, you should. Unless you REALLY don’t like Westerns. Then I guess it’s fine to do the dishes or whatever.

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more movies: the godfather

Yes, I am continuing down the list of popular movies to be watched by me!

Picture found here

Picture found here

Before seeing The Godfather I didn’t exactly tell people I hadn’t seen it. Certain people tend to freak out if you haven’t seen it, and I can now see why. This is one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. And, just like Pulp Fiction, very educational.

Things I learned from The Godfather:

  1.  If you ask an Italian for something on the day of his daughters wedding you will get it.
  2. Al Pacino was young once!
  3. Hiding in the beautiful Sicilian lands will solve all your problems.
  4. Don’t mess with the family.


If you haven’t seen it (I promise I won’t tell anyone) I really do recommend it. It is a long one though. Evelina and I, admittedly watched it two parts. So, be sure to set 3 hours out of your schedule, and start early in the evening. Especially if you’re liable to fall asleep on the couch. No sleeping during The Godfather. That’s just the way it is.