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book of february: all the light we cannot see


My Mum recommended I read this book, and I’m so glad she did. To be honest I started reading it this summer. Don’t take my somewhat extended reading time to mean that the book isn’t captivating – oh it is! The real truth (in stark contrast to the fake truth) is that I borrowed the book from the library to my tablet, didn’t realize it had been automatically downloaded, and then only had a few days left to read a 500+ page book. Which evidently was not enough time. Also the hold line for the book is a constant 100+ people.

Finally in February I once again got my mitts on a copy of this somewhat elusive book and finished it off. It is wonderful. I’m not at all surprised it’s won a Pulitzer Prize. Anthony Doerr’s story telling is something worth experiencing. Plus you get to ingest such lovely words as “extirpation” and phrases like “amphitheater of noise”. (Don’t worry, that doesn’t give anything away.)

A story revolving around the second world war and set in France and Germany where the two main characters lives are wonderfully detailed by Doerr. Read this book. Even if it takes you half a year to get your act together enough to finish it. Worth it.



book of february: alice’s adventures in wonderland

Now, if you check out this list, it may appear that my February book of the month might be The Iliad & The Odessy. But let me be real. February is the shortest of all the months and Homer wasn’t known for his terseness. (I’m 20% certain terseness is a word.)

With all my extra curricular activities, and even the curricular ones, I haven’t had the time to read an epic poem. It’s in the name – it would have taken an epically long time to read. I went for something a little quicker, but still fun! And still from the list.

FullSizeRender (4)

I had never read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a child. I did see the cartoon movie and had multiple dreams about an, as perceived by me, evil purple cat. The cat was there in the book too, but much less evil than my subconscious likes to claim.

They always say the book is better than the movie, and they are correct. Lewis Carroll know’s where it’s at.

Wasn’t there a re-make of Alice in Wonderland? I think I qualify to watch that now, am I right?