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2016 a year passed

Last year I did a retrospective on the year that had recently passed, entitled Looking Back : 2015 Resolutions. I realized late in the year (right around December 31st) that I had failed to make any New Year’s resolutions for 2015. No worries though, because I reverse bucket listed my year instead. This year I thought I’d make a tradition of it and do the same thing again. 

Reverse bucket listing works as such; taking time to reflect on the year passed write down all the things you’ve done that are particularly memorable, notworthy, or just plain awesome. Differing from a normal bucket list as all the things on this list are completed.

Though I still have one post to write from my 2015 reversed bucket list I’m plowing ahead to 2016. Here’s the list:

  1. Helped bring a wonderful baby into the world 
  2. Cooked up a storm
  3. Watched my baby grow and grow
  4. Got a new pair of glasses
  5. Went on our first family vacation 
  6. Cut off a bunch of my hair
  7. Traveled to Austria
  8. Coached a great group of girls 
  9. Completed the first year of my ECE degree
  10. Enjoyed months of maternity leave

Yet again, I have not written about all of these wonderous events, so stay tuned! 2017 is going to bring more than a few new blog posts!

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seven. go to italy

Or maybe this one should be titled, the time we didn’t go to Italy. Evelina has been to Italy, and loved it. Ever since the 11th grade, when students in Latin and or Classical Literature could sign up to go to Italy for spring break, I have wanted to go. I was eligible, but not able to go because I played Varsity Lacrosse. Now, I don’t want this to sound like the complaining athlete who couldn’t go on the fun trip because she was good at a sport. Even though that’s pretty much what it was. The rules were clear, if you played on the Varsity team you were at practice and games, or you were ineligible to play in future games corresponding both with how many practices and games you missed. Yes, I’ve wanted to go to Italy for a long time. We learned a lot about Ancient Rome in Latin, and I find the history to be ridiculously interesting. I would love to see the sights associated with such ancient times. It’s mind-boggling to me that so much is still in existence today.

See the pretty pictures Evelina took!

See the pretty pictures Evelina took!

Later in lifeĀ I got to hear all about Evelina’s trip to Italy. She saw the sights in Rome, went to the Vatican, biked through Florence, and ate lots and lots of gelato. Evelina’s uncle is actually Italian. So I even get to hear all about the best beaches, most beautiful waterfronts, best italian food, when I see him. Basically it’s torture.

See the beautiful views my friend enjoys! Follow her on Instagram @dambrosl

See the beautiful views my friend enjoys! Follow her on Instagram @dambrosl

I was even invited to Italy this year. A friend has been studying there, and said I should stop by. Unfortunately it really didn’t fit in with everything going on. But it was hard to resist, especially after seeing all her crazy beautiful Instagram pictures. I do believe I’ll make it to Italy. I just no longer believe that will happen before I turn 25. The incompletion of this one leaves me a little bummed, but still hopeful for the amazing Italian trip I will someday take. All roads lead to Rome, after all. signature