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2017, that happened


My last blog post that did not feature a book was in July. That’s quite a few months of happenings with no writing. In fact, after doing a quick scroll through of my 2017 blog I now realize I’ve only posted 7 times outside of my book of the month posts. Seven:

  1. one year old
  2. finally 2017 (a look ahead)
  3. ry-guy
  4. mediwift
  5. t-man
  6. 15 days: my iphone withdrawal story
  7. four(teen)th of july

Either there’s not a whole lot going on for me, or a whole helluva lot. To be honest, definitely some of both. So, yeah, that happened. I do want to continue my recent tradition of reverse bucket listing my year. This year’s list will serve two purposes: it’s a great way to reflect on the good times of 2017, and is also a list of blog posts soon to be featured here:

  1. Hosted wintry guests
  2. Went on a cruise
  3. Celebrated weddings in Newport, RI and Sundance, UT
  4. Traveled to the western USA with my family
  5. Saw the Grand Canyon
  6. Went to Vegas
  7. Followed my savings plan
  8. Coached a growing group of girls
  9. Attended my 10 year high school reunion
  10. Completed another year of my ECE degree

I’ll stop at 10, because that’s been my modus operandi the previous two years, but there may be an extra post or two coming down the pipeline with happenings from the eventful 2017 – like my epic summer vacation. Get ready, 2018 is here.



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nineteen. floss daily

Now I thought this was a pretty lofty goal. In my first draft of my 25 before 25 I had actually listed number 19 as floss three times a week. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. With the “encouragement of” my friend Katie* (read: badgering from) I changed it to floss daily.

I’m sure glad I did! If 10 dentist appointments in a year doesn’t convince one to floss more, I don’t know what does. Upon my last visit at the dentist the hygienist said, and I quote, “Looks like we’ve finally convinced you to floss!”

Living the dream.

my personal favorite

my personal favorite

When your hygienist can comment on how well you’ve been flossing, you’ve made it. Despite becoming a slighty crazy floss lady. Let’s look past that.








*name changed to protect the badgerer