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book of may

You will not find this book in stores, as I made it with my brain and a glue stick.

This is the only book I’ve read cover to cover this month, so that’s why it’s featured on the blog today. Tomorrow I’ll be using this home made log book during my very first in class exam at university in Sweden. Up until now we have had final papers, not exams, so this is certainly an exciting nerve-racking time. Now, for my Natural Science and Technology with Outdoor Pedagogy class I’ll be taking the plunge into university test taking (in Sweden). We’re allowed to bring a 200 page log book in to the exams with our notes from the class. Good thing too!

Vital information

This may be my first book of the month post that won’t conclude in a recommendation. Purely because no one else can actually read it. As I write I realize that’s not entirely true. If you come to Sweden, specifically where I reside, you may read the book. With my permission of course. Oh, and there’s the prerequisite that you can read I Swedish, as 99.6% of the book is in Swedish. So, if you know Swedish and are feeling especially motivated you can come read my log book. But this is like those library books you can’t check out and have to read while on the premises. Only in that case do I recommend you read this book. 

Until next time!


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30 before 30 update

I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that I’ve actually posted all seven “upcoming” posts I enticed you with this past summer. Now, this isn’t fully a completion of number 14 on my 30 before 30 list, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction!

In keeping with the title of this post I’d also like to draw your attention to a few more semi-recent posts off my 30 before 30 list. Evelina and I got married, and then traveled to Iceland to celebrate. I finally found the perfect lasagna recipe that Evelina enjoys as much as I do, and while in the kitchen I cooked up a couple things off of Eggton’s blog. I’ve watched a number of movies in continuing to top off my 25 before 25 list. Pintrest has even inspired me to do it myself.

30 before 30 Update

Stay tuned for more, there’s a lot left to go before the big 3-0!


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do it yourself

I’ve talked about Pintrest before, and I’ll likely talk about Pintrest again. On my 30 before 30 list I came up with number fifteen, doing five things from Pintrest, and doing them successfully. Now at the time I didn’t limit myself to just do it yourself items, I was thinking I might bake something, cook a nice meal, or maybe even make this awesome winter sangria I found. But the more I scroll through Pintrest, the more DIY stuff I tag. So I’m going to pick five of these saved pins, and get ’em done!

This October I actually wrote about two such activities. I made a glass, and a work out tank. Both were very successful, in my eyes, and I would do it again. If I had any more Corona bottles, or needed any more workout tanks, that is.



However, that is currently not the case, so it would appear that it is time to move on.

I have now found the other three DIY items I want to complete. One such item will have to remain a secret. It is in the works, but mustn’t yet be revealed as it is going to be given as a gift in the coming weeks. Keep posted to find out what it is, and how well it was received. (We’re assuming very well.)

I can, however, let two of the cats out of the bag. Here’s what I’m hoping to create:

  1. A framed photo from a vacation, where the mat is a map of the city/area from that vacation. I have a few maps/photos in mind. I just hope I can find a suitable combination of the two.

    Picture curtosy of Pintrest

    Picture courtesy of Pintrest

  2. A family birthday board. Hopefully I’ll be able to create this with enough finesse that Evelina will allow it to be hung in the apartment. (Fingers crossed.)
    Picture also curtosy of Pintrest

    Picture also courtesy of Pintrest



Now you know a bit about what’s in store, and in the mean time I’ll be collecting my materials.





my attempt to diy: a pintrest love story

You’ve heard about Pintrest right? It’s a virtual pin board. So you can clear all the walls of your office today! Okay, maybe it’s not truly for the work place. But it is for the fun place!

By signing up with your e-mail address or through the facepage (y’all know what I mean right) users can create pin boards online to remember things, group things together, party plan, et cetera, et cetera. What I’m getting at is I have a Pintrest, and I like to pin DIY stuff. Not that I usually have the time to do anything myself besides eat, work, train and sleep. BUT! This summer I’ve done two fun things that I’d like to tell you about.

First, Corona beer bottle glasses. I dunno if you guys have seen this around the interwebs but man is it cool! You take beet bottles, set them on fire, and turn them into drinking glasses.

Okay that’s the simplified version. What I found on Pintrest had instructions like this:

  1. Acquire an empty Corona beer bottle and some yarn.
  2. Tie the yarn around the Corona bottle just above the label. Then remove the yarn.
  3. Acquire nail poilish remover.
  4. Place the yarn in nail polish remover.
  5. Acquire cold water. Tip: put the water in the freezer first, then add ice.
  6. Light the nail polish remover soaked yarn on fire. Allow it to burn evenly by rotating it.
  7. When the nail polish remover doesn’t work at all, go to the store and buy lighter fluid. Repeat steps 4 & 6 with lighter fluid instead.
  8. Once the fire has completely burned out pour the ice water over the yarn.
  9. Using sand paper, file down the edges of the newly made Carona glass.
  10. Done!

Second, workout tank. I don’t know about you but I have amassed a large quantity of t-shirts over the years. You know free t-shirts are all the rage. Since many of them were free more than a few are a little too large. If you too have too large t-shirts you can easily (and this is actually easy) clip them into workout tanks.

  1. Acquire many many t-shirts. Or just one.
  2. Cut around the neck, down the sleeves and across the bottom. Be sure to save the bottom as it will be used later.
  3. Flip the shirt and cut down the back as far down as the sleeves have been cut.
  4. Cut the bottom so it turns into a strip. Wind the strip around the elongated pieces on the back.
  5. Cut the bottom at an angle.
  6. Try it on! So you can make any and all adjustments for the perfect fit.

That’s it for me! Now get out there and Do It Yourself!