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get pregnant

Remember when I reverse bucket listed my 2015?

A few things on that list I haven’t written about. That’s what’s happening now.

In 2015 Evelina and I went ahead and got pregnant. For us it takes a little more planning than your average couple. I would like to share with all y’all the adventure we went on to bring our little baby K into the world.


To get started we checked out our options in Sweden. In Sweden you can get three insemination tries for free (or included in their health care system). Going this route Evelina and I would find out very little about our donor. In Sweden they try to match eye color, skin color and hair color of the parter of the woman trying to get pregnant. The deciding factor for us (why we didn’t go this way) was because we would not be guaranteed that the same donor would be available for our possible future children. It is important for *us* to be able to guarantee (to the best of our abilities) that any possible future children will have the same donor. (Key word there being us, many other people chose different options depending on their life situations.)

Once we ruled out the Swedish option we looked around at our other options. This included contacting insemination offices in Denmark, Norway and the US. All these clinics actually use an international donor bank (pretty crazy) so the same donors would be available to us regardless of the clinic.

During the actual insemination process we had to be able to get to the clinic on the drop of a dime. The clinics also say that within three tries most people become pregnant, so if we had chosen a US office we would have had to be there for up to 3 months, so we ruled out using a US office. We ended up deciding to go with the Norwegian clinic after a few e-mail exchanges and going in for a consultation. We were really pleased with the service we received while there, as well as the size of the offices in general. Norway was actually also the fastest option for us, as in we could get there the quickest when it was go time.

At our consultation we learned all about the finer details of what the process would look like in our specific situation. They were so great and informative. Once we had decided which clinic to use we scrolled through the online profiles of the donors. Which is actually pretty easy to do once you enter a few parameters you know you are looking for. After deciding the donor it was all a waiting game, which ended abruptly on Midsummer’s Eve last year. GO TIME!


Of course we flew Norwegian

Scrambling around the apartment packing and buying plane tickets, before we knew it we were in the air on our way to bring the tiny life that has now become our charmingly beautiful baby girl into the world.



what have i done?!

Do you ever ask yourself, in a panicked squeak, what have I done?

I keep asking myself this. In a panicked squeak in my mind. Why am I repetitively asking myself this? Because I have done something. Something I am not so sure about.

Yes, I question my motives. I question my decision making skills. My sanity.

I have signed up for a marathon. A long marathon. I’ve heard they’re 26.2 miles. That’s 42.2 kilometers. That’s far.

In preparation for my training I have turned to the internet. The internet can solve all your problems. I have learned this. I am here to pass on the knowledge. Surprisingly enough I have not found the perfectly tailored marathon training program to fit all my personal and individual needs. As previously mentioned on this blog I am an active hockey player. This means a schedule of three ice practices and two games per week, starting this week and continuing until the end of February. However, the fact of the matter is, today marks 140 days until the ASICS Stockholm Marathon. So it is training time. Time to go. It was time to go yesterday.

pre-marathon training

I got this t-shirt for marathon training activities. Hopefully I’ll look fitter once the training commences. (Yes, I was paid less for this photo since my face is cropped out.)

I just don’t know how to swing it.

Balancing hockey training and marathon training is going to be quite the act.

Tune in to see how I handle it.


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couch decisions

Yesterday was payday in Sweden. The 25th of every month the Swedes all get a little richer. But pay-day usually means bill pay as well, which no one likes. Okay, maybe that was a huge generalization, but c’mon who likes to spend money on boring things like rent? I say: ew.

Seeing that it’s payday today I’m reminded of a time, not so long ago, where I made one of the biggest purchase of my life. That’s right, we bought a couch. (I don’t have a car…if you all were wondering about how insanely expensive our couch is – it’s not, I just don’t happen to own anything more expensive than it.)

It was a big choice, this couch. With the recent move this summer we got a space upgrade. Meaning our couch that fit perfectly in our 35 cubic meter apartment, now seemed a little tiny. By which I mean little and tiny. So, Evelina and I ventured off to different furniture stores, on the quest for the perfect couch. In the end of weeks of searching we narrowed it down to four (or five?).

At which point I did what any sensible person would do. I mapped out the size of each couch using masking tape on the floor of our new apartment. Logical, I know.

couch tape

looks easy enough, right?

Honestly though this really made a huge difference in spatially planning how the room would look once the couch was added. The tape made it possible to take it from four options to the one clear winner. And I am happy to say that today we are thrilled with the couch choice we made. So have our guests who have used it as a bed. (Namely my brother for three weeks.)