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happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends! Sweden has yet to accept my suggestion, despite the fact that I left it in the suggestion box over two years ago, and American Thanksgiving is not yet a national holiday. This means Evelina and I are forced to celebrate both the Saturday before and the Saturday after actual Thanksgiving Day. But don’t feel too badly for us, because the food is still awesome.

It’s getting easier and easier to find things like turkey, sweet potatoes, squash and canned pumpkin in Sweden. I’m pretty sure my buying four turkeys in the past five years has stimulated supply and demand here. Though they still have no idea what to charge me for canned pumpkin when I bring it up to the register.

turkey 2015

Thanksgiving 2015


pecan pie 2015

Evelina and I have enjoyed one Thanksgiving dinner with one to go, I hope everyone back home has a great day today. And please think of us this Saturday when we’re forced to celebrate because Sweden won’t give me today off from work to cook all day.


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första maj

Hello May

Pronounced fer-stah maie, today is May first. This isn’t news, I know, but in Sweden we get the day off. We get the day off because of something to do with politics and the industrial revolution.

I’m not clear on the details. I’ll have to do more research.

I do know that the day before the first of May is called Valborg, and is also a holiday of sorts in Sweden. Everyone goes out in the evening to see a big fire. The fire is to scare off witches. And a good excuse to drink. I’m actually not clear on the details of this tradition either.

This is the fire from last night, so this much is true.

Seems I have a lot of reasearch to do. Check back soon for more.