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On this, Tyler’s birthday, I would like to share with you his childhood nickname. T-man was the little tyke who always had a smile on his face, and did his best to keep up with his big brother. 

It took a while, but when I got over the fact that he was not the sister I had been hoping for this little guy really grew on me.

When he was in Sweden last we were reminiscing and I mentioned how I remember him just loving candy as a child. Like actually love. When you’re little (and damn pithy) you like to say “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” T-man would have married candy, no questions asked. He wouldn’t even bother with whatever taunting tone you tried to have because he would have been so darn excited about the impending nuptials. 

From the perspective that comes with adulthood (we’re adults now, I think) Tyler says he still loves candy. Like love love. So I guess we’ll see what’s coming down the road (or aisle) in the future.

Happy birthday T-man! I hope it’s one for the books.

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halloweens past

Yes, Halloween is tomorrow folks, and that means I get to eat my weight in candy! (Right?!) In preparation I’m going to take a look back at the Halloweens of yore, or at least the past few years. On Halloween 2013 Evelina and I had a mini celebration, which consisted of a “scary” movie and treats. But the real par-tay was the following weekend, when our hockey team had our second annual Halloweenfest! It is what it sounds like and we dressed up, got together, and had a grand time.

As previously mentioned, 2013 marked our second annual Halloweenfest, the first one taking place the fall of 2012.

Don’t worry your little heart, 2014 also contained some dressing up, this time as a pirate.

2015 marked the first year where we didn’t have a big Halloweenfest, but that’s okay, I still got my necessary dressing up fix at work. With the addition of carving a pumpkin and filling my stomach with candy I felt it was an extremely successful Halloween.

This year I’m looking forward to a 2013 repeat – in terms of eating treats and watching a scary movie. Or at least I’m really hoping for a scary movie this time… Hopefully you all will have a scary and sugary day tomorrow as well!

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gröna lund

One of many Things To Do In Sweden, as listed by yours truly, is to visit Gröna Lund. Which is an amusement park on Djurgården island, which you can get to by ferry, bus, car, bike, skateboard, walking – and those standing scooter things that I assume were created to increase the spread of obesity the world over. And yes, standing scooter things is an official Google search term.

What I’m saying is, you can get there by many means. Once there, and you have paid the admission fee and possibly bought your ride wrist band or tickets, you are free to run around and explore the wonderful mini-world that is this amusement park.

I’ve been a few times, the most recent time being last summer. My personal favorite rides are the tallest ones, especially Eclipse where you can see absolutely fabulous views of Stockholm.

Gröan 2015

Grönan 2




Of course no trip to Gröna Lund would be complete without Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!


All in all Grönan (as the locals call it) is a great time!


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happy easter!

In 2012 I explained Easter in Sweden. Swedes are an ambitious lot who celebrate Easter on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This means we had our day of celebration yesterday. Just as it was in 2012 Easter was full of good food, good company, and lots of candy.

At pre-school we made some Easter crafts on Thursday. Seeing as we’re closed Good Friday, and even the Monday after Easter. Actually, tomorrow is called annandag påsk, or Easter Monday. Apparently this Monday is celebrated as a national holiday in many places, according to Wikipedia:

Easter Monday Map

So, the pre-school is also closed on Monday. But, back to the point. Last Thursday we made these at pre-school:

Pintrest idea

The lovely Pintrest is at it again, with fun craft ideas. The children had a blast. I think our bunnies look much better than the example picture, don’t you?


I hope your Easter is full of Easter bunnies and candy!




The wait is over! Here it is! The post explaining all about lördagsgodis.

I’ll break it down for you lördag = Saturday, godis = candy. So lördagsgodis is Saturday candy. Here in Sweden there is a whole day for candy. The idea is that you tell your children that they are allowed to have candy on Saturday. That is to say only on Saturday, and lördagsgodisno other day. It’s pretty tricky really.

That means today I’ll be chowing down on this bag of deliciousness:


Until next Saturday!


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happy halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I know today is Halloween (so I hope you all have a very spooky Thursday), but Evelina and I celebrated yesterday. You see, we have practice pretty much all night tonight, and spooky things don’t usually happen at the rink. (Watch, now that I said that practice will be terrifying.)

To celebrate the scariest day of the year we decided to eat a Halloween treat and watch a scary movie. The treat that was served with the movie was ‘worms in dirt’. One of my favorite childhood memories from Halloween is eating this lovely concoction. Plus it is super easy. It involves crushed cookies (Oreos or we used Ballarina cookies), chocolate pudding, and gummy worms. You can make your own in 3 easy steps:

  1. Crush a cookie in the bottom of a cup/container/whatever you’ll be eating your Halloween treat out of.
  2. Whisk together the pudding mix and pour it over the cookie crumbles. Let cool in fridge.
  3. Adorn your ‘dirt’ with more crushed cookies and a few gummy worms squirming their way out of the ground.


There you have it, ready to eat.

worms in dirt

For our entertainment for the evening we picked The Devil’s Advocate, which was listed under horror and thriller, and even had 4 out of 5 stars. Also, who doesn’t want to see Al Pachino as the devil? That’s good fun. Plus, it starts with “The”.  Everyone knows the scariest movies start with “The”. The Sixth Sense, The Silence of the Lambs, The Ring, The Grudge…except…not The Incredibles, that movie is just plain fun.

Devil's Advocate

picture credit: IMDB
edited by yours truly

Anyway, for a movie made in the late 90’s it did have good graphics and was surprisingly fashionable. That being said it wasn’t exactly a terrifying movie. There were some creepy scenes, and some mental illness, but over all I probably wouldn’t make the choice to call it a horror movie. If you’re looking for a scary movie tonight, I would skip this one. If you’re looking for a decent late 90’s movie with an at-times-slow-moving plot, but some partial nudity, choose this one.

Happy scaring.


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book of october: how to be a woman


I love this holiday. Candy and costumes galore. What more could you possibly want out of a holiday.

Seeing as it’s Halloween, and that the last of the month is when I post my book of the month, this month I read a scary scary scary story in honor of the holiday!

Alright, you caught me. That was a huge lie. I do not think that far in advance. Sometimes I try to think in advance, but it never seems to happen how I plan things. So I’ve stopped with that.

This month’s book of the month is How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. It is absolutely hilarious. Not scary at all. Except for when she starts shouting at you about feminism. On second thought that wasn’t too scary. She was shouting though. . .

If you have the opportunity to listen to the audio book I highly recommend it. She has an English accent, which makes the book approximately ten times funnier. You get to hear her say delightful things in her English accent such as:

  • Fuckadoodle
  • You just haven’t taken enough MDMA in a field at 3am love


If you read this book you will also get to learn fun and interesting things like:

The minimum you should ask of your footwear:

  1. That you can dance in it.
  2. It doesn’t get you murdered


Things you actually need in your handbag:

  1. Something to absorb HUGE quantities of liquid.
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Safety pin
  4. Biscuit


How to take care of a baby:

  1. Put it in a cardboard box and eat tinned hot dogs.


That’s all you get, because you should seriously go read this book for a good laugh. And if you want a really good laugh you should listen to Moran read it to you.