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things i’ve been up to

Hello all!

As you may have noticed I have pretty much disappeared from my beloved blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed not knowing what I’ve been up to. See what I did there? I am here today to tell you all about what I’ve been up to! Well. Almost.

This is the list of what I’ve been up to while I haven’t been blogging. In no specific order:

Coming to a computer screen near you. Fall of 2012.

P.S. It’s pretty much fall in Sweden already. I wore pants yesterday, which I really wasn’t a fan of on many levels.


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25 before 25

I have decided to come up with a list of 25 things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 25. I feel a particular sensation of anxiety and stress about these tasks, because I only have two short years to complete them. Seeing as my 23rd birthday is fast approaching. All too fast in my opinion. How the hell did I get so old?! (Yes, I realize I am not actually that old, but hey, it’s the oldest I’ve ever been — and apparently some people expect me to ‘act’ like an ‘adult’, which adds pressure — and disappointment — for them, because that day will never come.)

So I don’t actually know who to credit with this idea, because I’ve seen many bloggers have some sort of variation of this. But after visiting this awesome blog I was first exposed to the idea.

**Side bar: I suppose a whole lot of credit should also be given to my friend Katie who has a ‘Spanish Bucket List’ however I didn’t realize that her list also fell into this category until recent retrospection — hind sight is 20/20

Anyway, since I am most directly mimicking in a great form of flattery the ideas of thoughtsappear I want to give her credit. (Yes, mimic is a synonym of copy, and to copy is the definition of plagiarise, however in the free flow of ideas and exchanges, who can really say that they “own” this idea — more on plagiarism and my admiration of Malcolm Gladwell to come). The moral: thank you thoughtsappear and all others who are joining me in the attempted completion of tasks before a certain or undefined time in the future. I salute you.