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On this, Tyler’s birthday, I would like to share with you his childhood nickname. T-man was the little tyke who always had a smile on his face, and did his best to keep up with his big brother. 

It took a while, but when I got over the fact that he was not the sister I had been hoping for this little guy really grew on me.

When he was in Sweden last we were reminiscing and I mentioned how I remember him just loving candy as a child. Like actually love. When you’re little (and damn pithy) you like to say “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” T-man would have married candy, no questions asked. He wouldn’t even bother with whatever taunting tone you tried to have because he would have been so darn excited about the impending nuptials. 

From the perspective that comes with adulthood (we’re adults now, I think) Tyler says he still loves candy. Like love love. So I guess we’ll see what’s coming down the road (or aisle) in the future.

Happy birthday T-man! I hope it’s one for the books.



This is not a post about the television show, if that’s what you were thinking, this will be a let down.

What this post is about is that…apparently I’m an adult.

This realization came to me suddenly. A while back, when I was signing in to my Swedish course, actually. That’s right. Not when I was paying bills, or on my way to work. Or eating candy at 8 am on a Tuesday. You know, normal adult things that you don’t/can’t do as a child. It was when I was logging on to my Swedish class, because my online class was under the category of “adult education”. All of a sudden I thought to myself: yup, that’s me! As in I am an adult who is logging on to this class. As in: I am an adult. Holy crap.

I wish someone would have told me before now that I had reached adulthood. That I should get my act together. Or something meaningful and helpful like that. Speaking of…I should get my act together…


I’ve got my adult face on ^^^

Upon reconsidering, there may be a few things going on in my life that should/could have tipped me off to this earlier:

  • Moving 3,706 miles, or about 5,964 km, from the place where I grew up
  • Being gainfully employed at the same place for over four years
  • Bringing a human person into the world together with the one that I love
  • Purchasing real estate at which I currently reside, with my afore-mentioned family

I maybe should have realized this earlier…

The fact that Evelina laughed when I referred to myself as an adult last week is neither here nor there. I choose to disregard it.signature