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dad’s day

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Father’s Day in Sweden is in November. Father’s Day in the US is in June. So this blog post is clearly specific for my own father. Happy Birthday Dad!

When I told my father that he was going to be a grandfather, he was thrilled. When I asked him what his future grand child would call him, he said he’d have to get back to me. I hadn’t expected this to be a question requiring multiple days of pondering, but that was the reality.

After thorough internet research my father had decided. His future grand child would call him Tutu. Why Tutu? You may ask, as I certainly did, and I’ll tell you. The long (and apparently arduous) task of deciding one’s own name was aided by none other than Google herself. Google informed my father that, among many other possible names/words for grandfather, the term commonly used in Hawaii is “kuku kane” where the K’s in kuku are often replaced with T’s and shortened to just “tutu”. Of course, as a loving endearment.

So, Happy Birthday Tutu! From all of us across the Atlantic.



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