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get another pair of glasses


Now, I’m not instructing you to do this, but rather citing number 23 of my 30 before 30 list. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have completed another item off the wonderous list and gotten myself another pair of glasses. During my 25 before 25 list I purchased these bad boys, though now that I’m a little older, and a little wiser sillier I went and got a pair of glasses to make sure my outward appearance reflected my inner person.


That, or I got a wicked bad eye infection and was advised not to wear contact lenses for about two months. So I figured I’d take the chance to update my eyewear. I had actually been thinking about doing it for a while, getting new glasses that is, not getting an eye infection. The timing really couldn’t have been better.

The other up-side is I now resemble comical glasses/nose/mustache guy. You know the one:

This guy

All my life’s goals are being achieved here.


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