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wait…did you get a hair cut?

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Why yes, I did get a hair cut. I cut off 30 cm of hair this week, for those less metrically inclined that’s about a ruler, or 11.8 inches. My hair dresser, Karro, was a true champion, and helped me take the before and after pictures.

I wanted to donate my hair to be made into a wig for people with cancer or other illnesses. There’s a great place in Stockholm that accepts just such donations. Karro had never cut hair to be donated, so as previously mentioned, she was a champ and cut seven small(ish) ponytails which we later braided. I’m going to mail my hair, so we also put it all in little baggies. Which I later carried around in my purse and couldn’t stop thinking about…

I imagine you would get some strange questions if you tried to carry these onto a plane.


Before cutting my hair I mentioned wanting to do it to a few people. In this unofficial poll I got a positive response (that cutting my hair short(ish) was a good idea) about 2% of the time. Not a great number, all things considered. Clearly, I decided to go ahead with it anyway. To be honest I wast too worried about what the majority thinks of my hair, I am my own hair dictator. My main concern was that my baby wouldn’t recognize her Mommy without all that hair. Happily, my worries came to naught and baby K still knows who I am. I am very pleased with the results.

Photo 1: credit to Heather, Photo 2: credit to Karro. I like getting my hair did.

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