Enjoy Not Knowing

Just another American living in Sweden



This is not a post about the television show, if that’s what you were thinking, this will be a let down.

What this post is about is that…apparently I’m an adult.

This realization came to me suddenly. A while back, when I was signing in to my Swedish course, actually. That’s right. Not when I was paying bills, or on my way to work. Or eating candy at 8 am on a Tuesday. You know, normal adult things that you don’t/can’t do as a child. It was when I was logging on to my Swedish class, because my online class was under the category of “adult education”. All of a sudden I thought to myself: yup, that’s me! As in I am an adult who is logging on to this class. As in: I am an adult. Holy crap.

I wish someone would have told me before now that I had reached adulthood. That I should get my act together. Or something meaningful and helpful like that. Speaking of…I should get my act together…


I’ve got my adult face on ^^^

Upon reconsidering, there may be a few things going on in my life that should/could have tipped me off to this earlier:

  • Moving 3,706 miles, or about 5,964 km, from the place where I grew up
  • Being gainfully employed at the same place for over four years
  • Bringing a human person into the world together with the one that I love
  • Purchasing real estate at which I currently reside, with my afore-mentioned family

I maybe should have realized this earlier…

The fact that Evelina laughed when I referred to myself as an adult last week is neither here nor there. I choose to disregard it.signature


2 thoughts on “adulthood

  1. Humm, Scary thoughts. Evelina is a bright and insightful woman, you should listen to her more.

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