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dad came to visit

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And man did we have a surprise for him!

My father planned a trip out to Sweden this past February. Both he and I really wanted him to come see a hockey game. Though I do think hockey will always be in my life in some form there is a chance that this past season was my last as a player. At least for a year…


Of course, my Dad didn’t pass up the chance to get out on the ice with us!

That said, it may possibly have been his last chance to see me play in Sweden. In our planning process we wanted him to come for an exciting game against a good opponent. We also figured it would be a safe bet if he came mid February, because then out little bundle of joy wouldn’t have yet arrived, and Evelina and I would still be sleeping soundly through the night.

Little did we know at the time that would hardly be the case. As you may recall, our little one made her entrance into this world earlier than expected. Though, what a wonderful surprise for my Dad!


Meeting baby K

He came for the hockey and got so much more.



Granddaughter, hockey and even grocery shopping.

In case you’re wondering he did catch a game, we won 7-1 and to top it off I scored a couple of goals. So all around, a great trip.


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