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leap what?

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Leap year! Had I forgotten it was leap day today, social media surely would have reminded me:

February 29th

I even get a quick description of leap day, had I not known what it is – so helpful!

I was even reminded of fun things that have happened on previous leap days:


Apparently not so much happens on leap days for me…

Regardless, leap day is a pretty exciting time. Especially for that one child in my group at pre-school who has his birthday today (to clarify, I’m a pre-school teacher, not pre-school goer). Yeah, that guy is turning one today, since that’s how many times February 29th has occurred in his life since birth. A small part of me hoped our baby would come today, because how awesome is it to be born on such a special day!?

Alas, our baby did not wait until leap day, which means I have been home from work. In Sweden there are crazy rules, and by the time I go back to work Evelina and I will have both been home with our little one for 39 days. That’s almost a fortnight! I just Googled fortnight and turns out that’s only 14 days. Think about it though fortnight…for…ty nights. Anywho, I wasn’t at work to find out the endearing things small children think about leap day, but I did gather stories for you.

When asked what leap day is:

Girl 6 years old: It’s because the Earth goes around the moon so many times that we need an extra day every four years.

Boy 4 years old: There’s a troll, and the troll sneaks around and puts in an extra day sometimes. No body knows about the troll. He’s really sneaky.

Girl 5 years old: Leap day comes sometimes in February.

Look at that all these children know so much about leap day. I particularly enjoy description number two. Those sneaky trolls! My recommendation is to steer clear of sneaky trolls. Until next time.



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