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running like a mad woman

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I know you remember how I couldn’t run last year. Last summer my goal was to complete number 13 on my 30 before 30 list on June 13th. It all just sounded nice. But, no dice. While we’re on the subject of running, and in keeping with number 14 on the aforementioned list I’d like to also talk about the time I turned into a  a mad woman.

Now, the point of this post isn’t for you to feel incredibly sorry for me, but that very well may be a side effect of reading it.

photo (2)

2014 was the year I wanted to complete my 25 before 25 goal of running a marathon. I had planned it perfectly, aiming to complete the race in May, a full month before my 25th birthday. Yet, in April of that year I was, sadly, injured. I had been running like a mad woman up until that point. Increasing my training, running farther, longer, harder. You know the spiel. Generally getting ready to run super far all at once. This resulted in me getting an overuse injury in my hip. I felt like an old woman hobbling around complaining about my hip and the weather.

Well, rest and recovery was prescribed, and being the diligent little athlete I am I obliged. Fully recovered for the impending hockey season, I thought the injury train had left the station. Little did I know it made a return trip March 2015, at the very end of the previous hockey season. Literally the last game.

This time rest and recovery was prescribed again, with the addition of a whole helluva lota rehab. I met with multiple doctors and physiotherapists and coaches who finally composed the perfect rehabilitation plan. Though this plan was not enacted between March and June. Which brings us full circle. I hadn’t even been cleared to jog, let alone run, with my freshly separated shoulder, so number 13 on the list was not completed June 13th.

KT tape

KT tape for holding my shoulder together.

Since June I have been cleared to run, and I do hope to be back on the trails consistently in time to prepare for Å-loppet 2016. I am so thankful to my physio and coach for helping me get back to my A-game. Though I’m not quite at the finish line yet, it is in sight. Å-loppen here I come! At least I think that’s what they’re calling it this year…stay tuned for more…



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