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memory lane: nj summers

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As I was saying in one of my recent posts, it sure is nice to reminisce on sunnier and warmer times come fall. With that in mind I’ve decided to do a series of five posts within which I invite you to join me on a stroll down memory lane.

When we were young my parents would take my brothers and I on a trip down to the Jersey shore once a summer. If you’ve seen the reality TV show, yes, it is exactly like that in real life, especially when you’re 9.

memory lane 1

We’d spend a week in a rented house by the beach along with my Dad’s side of the family. I remember the weeks always being full of sunshine, mastering the boogie board, sand sticking to every part of me, and chasing down the ice cream truck realizing at the last-minute that yes, yes we did want ice cream.

memory lane 2

One summer after a day of gallivanting across the sandy beach and fighting through crashing waves, my cousins and I were wrapped up in our towels, freezing, as the sun began to sink. None of us thinking to get more appropriate clothing for the dropping temperature. My cousins took this opportunity to convince me that Gatorade was made of people’s sweat.

To my credit, I did resist the lie for a long time. I really made my cousins work to convince me of this. Initially thinking my cousins were being ridiculous, and definitely pulling my leg. The thing was that they continued with such conviction that by the end of the sunset, I totally bought it. Gatorade had to be made from people’s sweat.

Though, not to my credit, this was before Gatorade started running their commercials with famous athletes sweating in color. If you think about it, Gatorade may owe my cousins millions of dollars for essentially coming up with their advertising campaign.

I don’t still think Gatorade is produced in a factory filled only with people running on treadmills with large collection tanks below them. Though I do prefer Powerade.



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