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book of september: the woman who stole my life

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I’ve featured a few Marian Keyes books as books of the month before. My first Keyes book was purchased for me by my dearest Evelina as a Christmas present. She didn’t know what she was starting: a huge fandom. As in I am now a huge fan.

This was actually an impulse buy. As you may be aware I am trying to read all of the books I own and have yet to read. It seems important to me to actually have read the books I (or someone dear to me) has spent the time and money picking out. Seems logical. So, in pursuit of this I have put a pause on book purchases.

Side bar: obviously last months BOTM was also a new purchase, but I had gotten a gift card as a birthday present and I really wanted a first edition. So there’s that.

The Woman who Stole my Life was so much fun. Keyes’ writing style is so refreshing to me, she truly is a wonderful story teller. This is just the kind of book one wants to have whole on vacation.

Which brings me back to the impulse buy. Evelina and I were on our way to visit family and friends across the pond. I have a hard time in general resisting book stores, but when I’m actively trying to not buy books it makes them irresistible. Needles to say I was drawn in by the gravitational pull of the open plan book store one so often finds in airports. Really I didn’t stand a chance trying to resist. Once I saw a Keyes book I hadn’t read staring back at me from the shelf all hope was lost. I had to. And you should too! Read The Woman who Stole my Life that is. Such a fun read.



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