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book of august: go set a watchman

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You know Harper Lee, right? Author of acclaimed novel To Kill A Mockingbird. July 14th the sequel of To Kill A Mockingbird was released and as TKAM was the only book I may ever have read at the same pace as my seventh grade English class, I was excited to read the sequel. (Possibly the only book I ever read at the same pace of any English class, but we don’t need to get into that now.)

Go Set a Watchman is everything I wanted it to be. Two things though. First, I couldn’t get a copy of the North American version in Sweden. Meaning I bought a spiffy orange book:

I’m trying to be okay with orange instead of blue but, unlike my brother Tyler, I like blue more.

Second, what the hell are these?!:

They are found in the inside back cover of my first edition. Are they post cards? Should I tear them out and provide free advertisement for a lovely book I just read? Are they art? Should I clip them carefully from the cover and frame them?

Seriously, any advice on the matter is greatly appreciated. Also, you should definitely read this one. It’s a keeper.



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