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flash back three years: last week at my job

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Remember 2012? I do. Just last week I was writing the date and rounded it off with a good ‘ol 2002. So part of me still thinks 2012 has yet to happen. But the larger part of me that is in fact in touch with reality does realize that 2012 was three years ago. That was when I promised you this post. This is me: delivering.

In a nostalgic state I’ve been reminiscing on my previous job. That is the job I held before becoming a pre-school teacher. Yes, fond memories have been etched in the blog archives, like fruit basket, when i was youngwhat i think about at work, and my second post ever: a bone to pick with god. However, my last week at REC comes readily to the forefront of my mind.


Something about knowing, with stark clarity, that it is your final week working at a place allows you to appreciate it with a new light. Or at least that was the case for me. I had my rose-colored glasses on. Not that things were so pink that I thought I would one day miss the insulating machine, or in the beginning when I only knew how to use one pipe making machine. But I did realize I would miss the place.


It was nice knowing in advance I was leaving because I got to say my goodbyes and fair wells to the colleagues I’d be leaving. We were only about 7 people who worked at the entire pipe assembly factory, so it was a touching moment. I definitely miss the people I worked with at REC. If we hadn’t moved I’d likely still be working there.

Some days I even miss the coffee.


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