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Having our wedding in Sweden was like having a destination wedding for half of the guests. That half being my side of the family. Luckily for Evelina and I many members of my family made the trip over the Atlantic to celebrate our wedding with us. We wanted to make the trip memorable while hopefully getting a chance to show family and friends a bit of our life here in Sweden.

How did we do that you ask? Activities. Summer in Sweden is quite an event. I word it that way because that’s really the whole of it. There are events! The sun is up longer so you can do more stuff. Like riding bikes, going swimming at the summer-house, watching speedway, eating ice cream, playing kubb in the park, enjoying fika, going to free outdoor concerts, golfing, visiting Stockholm and riding the Sky View, going to museums, not to mention eating at all the best places (often enjoyed in outdoor seating).

Riding bikes.

Riding bikes

Swimming at the summer house.

Swimming at the summer-house



Ice cream treats

Ice cream treats

Play kubb in the park.

Playing kubb in the park

07 Fika

Fika at our place




Sky View

Sky View

The Photography Museum

The Photography Museum

Eating at the best places

Eating at the best places

Now, the title of this post is play kubb, seeing as you’re here anyway, I’d like to explain the rules. Per Swedish tradition, when summer is in full bloom, the Swedes venture outside with wooden blocks. These blocks come in three shapes. A king, which is the tallest of the lot (naturally), which looks like a rectangular wooden block only with a square-shaped crown on top. Then there are 10 smaller rectangular wooden blocks, and 6 cylindrical blocks. There are two teams, each with 5 of the rectangular blocks. These are to stand in the grass in a line, each team’s line of blocks are parallel to each other and a good distance apart. The king is placed in the middle with equal distance from both teams’ line of blocks. Teams then take turns throwing the cylindrical wooden pieces across the playing field attempting to knock down the other teams rectangular blocks. This is where rules may vary, but we played that the first time a team knocks down another team’s block it is then thrown across half of the field of play, that is to say past the king. The team who owned that block now has to knock it down before moving on to the other team’s blocks – as a sort of penalty. Penalty blocks must be stacked onto one another if the team tossing them can hit one penalty block with another. The first team to knock down all the other team’s blocks gets a chance at the king. The king must be knocked down from an upside-down position, where the cylindrical block is thrown between the thrower’s legs. It’s quite the competition.

Evelina and I could not have been happier to share all of this with friends and family. If this doesn’t get you to want to come to Sweden, I don’t know what will. See you this summer! We’ll play some kubb.



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