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happy easter!

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In 2012 I explained Easter in Sweden. Swedes are an ambitious lot who celebrate Easter on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This means we had our day of celebration yesterday. Just as it was in 2012 Easter was full of good food, good company, and lots of candy.

At pre-school we made some Easter crafts on Thursday. Seeing as we’re closed Good Friday, and even the Monday after Easter. Actually, tomorrow is called annandag påsk, or Easter Monday. Apparently this Monday is celebrated as a national holiday in many places, according to Wikipedia:

Easter Monday Map

So, the pre-school is also closed on Monday. But, back to the point. Last Thursday we made these at pre-school:

Pintrest idea

The lovely Pintrest is at it again, with fun craft ideas. The children had a blast. I think our bunnies look much better than the example picture, don’t you?


I hope your Easter is full of Easter bunnies and candy!



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