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I thought I had discussed speedway before, but I have searched and searched my blog, and come up empty-handed. If you’re better at sifting through old blog posts, and can find previous mention of speedway, please do comment below and let me know where I lost my way during my search.


Speedway is a motorcycle sport where two teams compete for the most points. The competition takes place on an oval-shaped dirt track where four riders ride simultaneously, two from each team. There are 12 rounds and the team with the most points at the end wins. Each rider has his (I have yet to see/hear of a woman rider) assigned helmet color during each round: red, yellow, blue and white. Two riders ride from each team, red and yellow are on the same team, and blue and white are on the opposing team. The riders ride counter-clockwise, make four laps, and receive 3, 2, 1 or 0 points for first, second, third and fourth place respectively. As it’s a team sport it’s actually quite strategic, if one team is leading and the other team gets two riders in second and third they may choose not to try for first place, but rather block out the fourth rider, as this gives both teams 3 points each.

Here in Sweden speedway is pretty big and is often shown on sporting television. Here in Eskilstuna speedway is pretty big for Sweden as the team here is in the best league in the country. Meaning they’re pretty good.

This summer my family was here to visit (as you can imagine) and in attempts to give them the chance to experience things uniquely Swedish we went to a speedway match. We had the chance to watch Ikaros Smederna win a competition against Rospiggare. I often find it fun to directly translate things from Swedish to English, and the team names are the Ikaros Smiths who rode against the Rose Thorns. It was a big win as The Smiths were ranked well under The Rose Thorns. After such a big win the paper ran pictures from the event. It was my third speedway match ever, and my father’s first, so it was quite fitting we were both included in the fan picture.


Speedway really is a fun summer sport enjoyed outdoors on those long summer nights. I’m glad my family got to enjoy the Swedish experience, and I’m glad I got to be in the paper! I really am, I’m not even going to pretend I’m kidding.



4 thoughts on “speedway

  1. That awesome you guys have tracks like this in Sweden. In Florida we have a few but there always a along drive and so crowded. I race motocross but i would love to try this style of dirt racing!

  2. And they yell at you in the paper for not wearing the team colors when you haven’t even been in the county 10 hours, didn’t know you were going to the races, or even what the team colors were… gesh.

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