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I’ve talked about Pintrest before, and I’ll likely talk about Pintrest again. On my 30 before 30 list I came up with number fifteen, doing five things from Pintrest, and doing them successfully. Now at the time I didn’t limit myself to just do it yourself items, I was thinking I might bake something, cook a nice meal, or maybe even make this awesome winter sangria I found. But the more I scroll through Pintrest, the more DIY stuff I tag. So I’m going to pick five of these saved pins, and get ’em done!

This October I actually wrote about two such activities. I made a glass, and a work out tank. Both were very successful, in my eyes, and I would do it again. If I had any more Corona bottles, or needed any more workout tanks, that is.



However, that is currently not the case, so it would appear that it is time to move on.

I have now found the other three DIY items I want to complete. One such item will have to remain a secret. It is in the works, but mustn’t yet be revealed as it is going to be given as a gift in the coming weeks. Keep posted to find out what it is, and how well it was received. (We’re assuming very well.)

I can, however, let two of the cats out of the bag. Here’s what I’m hoping to create:

  1. A framed photo from a vacation, where the mat is a map of the city/area from that vacation. I have a few maps/photos in mind. I just hope I can find a suitable combination of the two.

    Picture curtosy of Pintrest

    Picture courtesy of Pintrest

  2. A family birthday board. Hopefully I’ll be able to create this with enough finesse that Evelina will allow it to be hung in the apartment. (Fingers crossed.)
    Picture also curtosy of Pintrest

    Picture also courtesy of Pintrest



Now you know a bit about what’s in store, and in the mean time I’ll be collecting my materials.





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