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book of november: happier

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This fall has been a little bit of a stress fest for me. That’s what happens when you sign up for a lot of activities. My main issue with all my activities is that I really enjoy doing all of them. So I want to do a bunch of things every week that you apparently can’t fit into one weeks worth of time. At least not one week where I get to sleep during the night-time. So I thought it would be a good time to focus on happiness.


Tal Ben-Shahar is (was?) a professor at Harvard teaching a class on Happiness, yes with a capital H, to show its importance. So he wrote a book about what he taught in the class once the class got ridiculously possible. I think of the book as an adult activity book. It really is a lot of fun. There are things called Time-Ins where you reflect on what you’ve just read and apply it to your life. I have a black Moleskin book which I thought would be perfect to use for this. Plus there was fun doodle time.

Doodle time

The book is a super easy read, accessible to everyone, and has some real golden information in there. And graphs. I was pretty much sold once I saw the graphs. Who doesn’t love a good graph!?

graph fun

This book is written for everyone, and I really do think everyone can get something out of it. Give it a read.



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