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The wait is over! Here it is! The post explaining all about lördagsgodis.

I’ll break it down for you lördag = Saturday, godis = candy. So lördagsgodis is Saturday candy. Here in Sweden there is a whole day for candy. The idea is that you tell your children that they are allowed to have candy on Saturday. That is to say only on Saturday, and lördagsgodisno other day. It’s pretty tricky really.

That means today I’ll be chowing down on this bag of deliciousness:


Until next Saturday!



4 thoughts on “lördagsgodis

  1. Can you break down the pronunciation of this word for the non-Swedish-speaking folks?! I want to use this all of the time.

    • Ler (like the beginning of “learn”) dags (pronounced dogs) god (with an O like what a ghost says OooOooOo) is (with a very short I like in “ick”)

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