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planes, trains, and automobiles: but mostly just trains, actually

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Do you remember how impressed I was when Lindsey managed to successfully take the train from Stockholm Central Station to Eskilstuna Central Station? I was so impressed by this feat because of my own personal troubles whilst riding the rail.

So this one time I was returning to Sweden from across the Atlantic, with lots of luggage of course. Seeing as no one can stop the shop-monster when she rears her ugly head. After retrieving said luggage I jump on the express train no problem. Only to have that get delayed for 20 minutes. If I recall correctly there was a moose on the tracks. Or was it technical difficulties? It’s always technical difficulties. Anywho…since the train was delayed I would have to go to the ticket office at Stockholm Central to get tickets to a new train. Luckily at no added cost to me. Unluckily it wasn’t just me in that at, and the line was obscene when I arrived.

After receiving my ticket, I bought a snack and made my way to the track. Sat and waited. And waited, and waited. Only to realize that I was waiting on the wrong track. Panick stricken, I ran to the right track…mother of pearl how I ran! Unfortunately, unsuccessfully. So, I made my way back to the ticket counter, waited in line, and half cried to the ticket guy to avoid paying a fee. /Seeing as it was my fault I missed my train this time – I should have had to pay.) In an attempt to avoid a crying customer the nice employee gave me my next ticket. Unfortunately that meant that, all in all, I wa hanging around Stockholm Central for three hours. After having travelled across the Atlantic. You could say I wasn’t in the best mood.

Stockholm Central Station

Picture credit: Mari

But I finally got on the right train, going in the rig direction, and made it home. Finally. I know trains are supposed to be a simple, time efficient, and environmentally friendly way to travel, but it took me a long long time to forgive the mean trains for what they did to me that day.

I don’t own a car, so the boycott was short-lived.



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