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book of october: tatuerad torso


In following my book of September, I’m continuing to read in Swedish. This month I both read and listened to the audio book Tatuerad torso by Helen Tursten.

Fun fact: In the titles of books in Swedish only the first letter of the first word is capitalized.

Both reading and listening gave me the added advantage of being able to hear the pronunciation of all the new words. As previously mentioned I’m working on learning Swedish, so my plan is to learn more words through reading.

Tatuerad torso

When I was younger I wasn’t too convinced that reading expanded the vocabulary, but this really seems to be working! Plus it was a really great book to boot! Fitting right in to the spooky creepy theme of Halloween and October in general this book is about a murder discovered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The body was discovered on a beach. When I say body I mean a tattooed torso was found. Yes, a torso, lacking head, arms and the lower half of the body. All packaged in a black plastic bag. More murders are discovered and the drama increases.

As I rode my bike down the ever darkening cobblestone streets of Sweden I listened to the voice of Alexandra Rapaport describe dismemberment, the stench of decaying bodies, and an ever suspicious cast of characters. October was a scary month for me, and not just because of the Halloween tricks, but because most of my evenings included that described above.

They made a movie of the book, which I’m definitely looking forward to seeing. If you’re looking for an exciting crime novel in Swedish. Look no further.



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