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book of september: harry potter och de vises sten

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In my never-ending quest to fully grasp the Swedish language I have decided to read more in Swedish. I thought starting with what very well may be my favorite book was a good place to start. Seeing as I have read it over…well we don’t need to publicly publish how many times I’ve read the book – let’s just say it’s a lot of times…Seeing as I have read the book in English many many times I figured reading it in Swedish would be a good idea.

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To be honest, it was harder than I thought. Turns out I don’t know words like wizard, magic wand and Horcrux in Swedish. Just kidding, no one knows about Horcruxes in the first book. Probably Albus. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Also, Horcrux is Horcrux in Swedish. Now that that’s out of the way, I did get to learn a lot of new Swedish words! I just hope I’ll soon find a good use for “Benlåsningsbesvärjelsen” some time soon. (Leg-Locker Curse for those unfamiliar with Swedish spell names.)

If you haven’t read Harry Potter in your native tongue, get on that. I even recommend trying it out in your second, third or fourth language. All the languages!



One thought on “book of september: harry potter och de vises sten

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